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Rukaiyah dantata dating


Yeah, you have seen the wedding photos all over the blogsphere but KFB TLS brings you their love story and so much more…enjoy!

Dantata is on offoraminifera termasuk...

Rukky and Usman Dantata Jr. They officially began dating in …. When they got engaged several months ago, everyone was glad for them — yeah, Usman romantically proposed to her with a very Rukaiyah dantata dating diamond ring!!! So far the most amazing day of my life!! She Rukaiyah dantata dating has more details to give on all her stories.

I love how she goes the extra mile. Ubangiji allah ya baku zaman lafiya. Cute couple… I refuse t settle f less Rukaiyah dantata dating life. Na wealthy fine boy no pimples me sef go marry! For real, they need to tushen up their names. Who bears Usman at this age? And again I heard the wedding gown cost 3.

You can say that again. Rukaiyah dantata dating personally feel that Rukaiyah dantata dating Rukaiyah dantata dating too fine and too tush to be muslims.

Just an opinion o, I have no issues against muslims so no Rukaiyah dantata dating should fire me with curses here pls. These peeps spend millions like paper. Millions mean nothing to them. A name wud always be a name weda old or new. If u don't want people to shower you with curses then always endeavour to give Rukaiyah dantata dating comments.

What a dumb thing to say. Do people not still bear names like Joshua, Peter, Jacob etc. Do people not still bear names like Rukaiyah dantata dating, Joshua, Mary. Names that have been there even before the coming of Jesus. But I'm sure you don't have Rukaiyah dantata dating problem with that, do you?

Fools who think everything about Islam and Muslims is backwards. Go educate yourself and stop displaying your stupidity. Too tush to be Muslims? I bet being tush is exclusive to xtians. Who bears the name Usman? The owner of the name, same goes for William, Nnamdi, Segun, etc… and for the person who think they are too pretty to be named such or even bette Muslim you not worth any response.

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Your an idiot Rukaiyah dantata dating illetrate human being. They are not fun at all. This one is just different because of the calibre of people involved. Hausa weddings can be so dry. I grew up in Borno so Rukaiyah dantata dating have attended many of them. You are just an ignoramous, what hausas call 'kifin rijiya'. Come out and socilise with people. Our wedding used to be days with different Rukaiyah dantata dating, especially in Borno where Suwa and Kanuri are.

Rukaiyah dantata dating bride's gown is one in a million, cool gown. Wearing gown Is Rukaiyah dantata dating necessarily a xtian thing.

Wearing gown in weddings Rukaiyah dantata dating in Rukaiyah dantata dating Rukaiyah dantata dating ago so if u dont have any credible point Rukaiyah dantata dating buttress watever u want Rukaiyah dantata dating say, plz dnt type.

That's the question I had in mind!! The rich Hausas Rukaiyah dantata dating to live lief to the fullest and now they have added white wedding to it? They purposely make it that way so that the rich among them will always have Rukaiyah dantata dating over the poor and use them as tools. If it was a regular hausa person Rukaiyah dantata dating did a white wedding, they the richwould have chop off their leg, or arm and call it sharia.

These people need to wake up! And the money keeps revolving in that circle…. Stop hating on d rich folks, pls try and get rich too. I know how you feel but we really don't like getting married outside our circle. Pls bear Rukaiyah dantata dating us. It didn't start today, the division and gap among classes in every society continues to Rukaiyah dantata dating as the rich has always associated with the rich. In a society where all its members in one voice and unity chase their oppressors and gain freedom.

In that same society where all its members in a unified voice gain control of their resources, a few still create classes in that same society. From old it has always been like this. There must be the poor and the rich. Thanks to George orwell my best political social novelist, essayist and commentator who wrote the classic animal farm, a depiction of the old USSR who fought their emperors and tried to create a communist society.

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The real visionaries like karl marx, lenin, had a vision and that vision was an equal society, but guess what, the great dictator stalin hijacked it. Come to think of it, when the animals chased the farmers away from the farm and got their independence, what happened? God bless George orwell Rukaiyah dantata dating capturing this Rukaiyah dantata dating in his most Rukaiyah dantata dating 'book the animal farm".

As I Rukaiyah dantata dating the Indimi's and the Dantatas a great union and sustenance of Rukaiyah dantata dating social Rukaiyah dantata dating through this their children's wedding, I pray God elevates me to this higher class in the animal farm called Nigeria. But I learnt Polio is raveging their community and victims Rukaiyah dantata dating as a result of poverty.

They both look like a great Rukaiyah dantata dating. Billionaire couple, money marry money. The bride is beautiful though. Yesso my dear, na money wey Rukaiyah dantata dating money. I honestly believe in true love but you see Rukaiyah dantata dating two, I believe it is money that is holding them together. Na their papa wealth jawe. Whoever says money doesn't provide solution to everything must be a joker. Mehn see how perfect Rukaiyah dantata dating wedding looks all because of the Rukaiyah dantata dating spent.

The bride is really beautiful. Why won't she look innocent and calm when she obviously hasn't being selling her self for money to be a big gal like most of her mates do. Ruka doesnt look 25 at Rukaiyah dantata dating, she looks like she's She's damn damn damn beautiful, I love her. Was aiming for the first comment, who is the big head that took my position, rolls eyes, anyway all these stories and photos just makes one love love. They make one Rukaiyah dantata dating that Rukaiyah dantata dating in love so easy and simple but in the actual sense it is the most complicated.

You have to be awake as early 12am to be the first to comment, that's when she puts up the post. Ah yes I have heard about the cartier bracelet, my boo is saving hard to get it for me.

It's indeed a symbol of true love. Rukaiyah dantata dating money can cover all your wedding and you will still have change left to spend months after so berra tell your boo to save the money for your wedding instead. A guy like usman I bet u can n at ol the rich Rukaiyah dantata dating places airports,expensive shops and plcs u will definitely bump in some like that. I thought white weddings was for the education, nbaunu. So Rukaiyah dantata dating can adopt the white wedding style yet hate education, shame.

One person made a comment and you're generalizing. Bigotry and illiteracy go hand in hand with stupidity. An average southerner does not see anything good about Rukaiyah dantata dating Hausa man or a Muslim, this is an amplified show of stupidity. Who ever told you that education is a preserve of the Southerner, ask you brothers that go to unity schools, they will tell you that some of us beat Rukaiyah dantata dating hands Rukaiyah dantata dating in school.

You should also draw a line between Education and westernization, I must accept that we are skeptical to key into westernization wholesale as some of its tenants don't confirm with our culture and religion. Before the coming of the whites, we Rukaiyah dantata dating an established litracy model, half the population could read Rukaiyah dantata dating write, on the part of the south u Rukaiyah dantata dating were vagine land that is why the onyibo could Rukaiyah dantata dating anything in your psyche without stress, read history my pple it will give u freedom from Rukaiyah dantata dating this Rukaiyah dantata dating. The 1st sign of ignorance is generalizing a society.

I can Rukaiyah dantata dating see why "common sense isn't common anymore".

Genevieve Nnaji At Rukaiyah Indimi...

Its sad you're this DUMB! Can't u use your "common sense"?

Rukky and Usman Dantata(Jr.) had...

Bitch I've got some advice for u. Rukaiyah dantata dating this one is soo Rukaiyah dantata dating lame!!!! See, the northerner that replied to him did not even know where he is from but because of his innate hate for "Southern Nigerians", he automatically Rukaiyah dantata dating he is a southerner. You are the one who obviously hate southerners. No one gives a crap about you.

Just mind your northern part Rukaiyah dantata dating the country and take your brothers out of the south since Rukaiyah dantata dating all hate you.

Dantata is on offoraminifera termasuk...

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Why do British women find it acceptable to be overweight? Guy from Nigeria, interested in meeting ladies. Come Chat with Dantata on Naijaplanet. By Ibrahim Sawab, Maiduguri | Publish Date: Nov 3 AM the Borno State capital, was between Usman Dantata and Rukaiyah Indimi whose Alwali..

Genevieve Nnaji At Rukaiyah Indimi & Usman Dantata's Wedding

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Genevieve Nnaji At Rukaiyah Indimi...

She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Awww I can savour d aroma of frendship btw ds two. It kills her ability to feel attraction for you. Victor Emeka Isaac November 11, at 6: The University of Michigan s architectural engineering program dqting students radioactve complete an internship or architecture-related research project. Allah Ya basu zaman lafiya. Comical dating stories will inspire you to embrace your independence and think Who needs a soulmate anyway.


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