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Upload your resume Sign in. Bristol Hospital Employee Reviews Review this company. Showing all 83 reviews. You need to have your running shoes on to work at Bristol Hospital. It is a very fast pace work Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses on several Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses. I loved it tho.

Not only did I get a work out daily, But the day went by so much faster being busy. I was never bored and was constantly learning new skills from amazing nurses, which I admired. I also Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses a lot from other employees in different parts of the hospital. We worked as a great team and helped Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses out for other assigned patients when needed if nurse or PCT were busy helping someone else.

Was this review helpful? Medical doctor and I, had lab running as smooth as can be. But, Resp Care Director came in, and screwed the lab up, so bad, so bad!!! Volunteering at Bristol Hospital was fantastic. To be clear, I was not an employee. I spent my free time volunteering and shadowing in college. This was a great hospital to be involved with the field of nursing.

The staff was welcoming from the second I step foot in the building. The group of health care providers in the emergency unit dedicated a lot of their time to us as students in order to thoroughly explain and help guide us through their daily routines. Thank you Bristol Hospital!

My position as an Medical Assistant float was a great learning experience. I Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses the differences in specialties and office styles.

I enjoyed the opportunity to work here. Great place to work. Working in a Nursing Home allowed me to see the other side of personal care. Mostly elderly clients but at times ages of 18 and over have been their for rehabilitation due to car accidents or surgeries. Great co-workers to Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses with. Typical day at work.

This company is by far a place who cares nothing about their employees. Even the president is a mess. Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses really need to stop hiring disrespectful, uneducated people who work in their offices.

I worked in an office where the person in charge would shop all day online and Facebook for hours at work. I have witnessed several employees pick up phone and put patients on hold just to finish shopping or their own personnel phone calls.

This place lacks patient care so bad. They actually need a complete makeover on who to hire in a medical field and who to not. I will tell u I would never want one of my family members being a patient in one of these offices.

I am currently in nursing school looking to further my career in the healthcare industry which is what brought me to Bristol Hospital. The role I took on was not in the clinical area but I accepted the position offered so I could "get my foot in the door" Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses to speak. I learned shortly after working here that they would not be willing to offer me a position as a registered nurse upon graduation unless I worked as a tech first clinical position because I'd "only" be earning my Associate's Degree.

The problem is that techs do not make much.

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Even with differentials, I'd have to take a pay cut and due to the cost of my education, that was not something I was able to do. Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses tried to make connections with the right people and explain Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses I did plan to further my education as a registered nurse but they still frowned upon the fact that I wouldn't have my BSN in the time frame I planned to start working as an RN.

The benefits are not great either other than vision and they do not match retirement contributions until you have been there for 3 years.

Also, Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses PTO Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses rolled into one bucket sick time, personal days, holidays so while it may seem nice that people on average get about 3 weeks of PTO a year, you should realize that this is NOT in addition to paid holidays or sick time. Not to mention, if they close due to inclement weather specifically referring to nonessential employeesthis also is taken out of the PTO bucket.

Again, my previous job paid this out and it was not deducted from Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses PTO bucket. So although the staff is comprised of many individuals who have been there for many years decades reallykeep in mind that they started with better benefits that were grandfathered in and they no longer have such amazing benefits.

In a nutshell, I will say this: Not a fun place to work. It is a fast pace place very stressful and I don't get paid enough for the amount of work I do. Bristol Hospital could be a wonderful place to work if there was better leadership within management.

Our department has a large turn over due to lack of leadership and department support. Learned cat scan there great staff tough drive to work, great department employees I enjoyed all the ancillary staff I worked with, difficult commute however. Horrible bosses and worse co workers. A bunch of condescending, inconsiderate managers. I was there for over 10 years and never recognized for the hard work I put into this job or compensated as such, only told to work harde because we had no help.

The hours were all over the place with empty promises of better working hours. Very Stressful Work Environment. The Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses I was in had 9 doctors.

The phones were always busy and no one ever helped. There was no teamwork. After complaining a couple of times to management nothing was ever done. The manager was never there and when she was all she talked about was how rich her family is and how spoiled she is.

Always bragging as if someone cared or asked her. Loved working at Bristol Hospital. It was a very rewarding job. I loved the clients who I extablished a work relationship with and it was very interesting work. Our team was wonderful! There wasn't a hard part of this job. It was fast paced, but the day flew by! I enjoyed the customer services aspect and my co-workers, management were wonderful, making us an amazing team!

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I was at Bristol Hospital for 12 years, I loved my job and never imagined leaving. I was laid off and had to move on. My job was very rewarding and I miss my Bristol Hospital Family. Well oiled and reliable team. Employees and coworkers were good people, Very reliable and trustworthy. Great Hospital for new grads. Wonderful hospital for new grad nurses! The new grad residency program was very helpful and you can tell the educators care about all the nurses succeeding and are willing to give you more time on orientation if you need it.

I am very happy here and feel strongly supported by the Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses on my unit. Great management, and high team environment. BH was very balanced and fair place to be employed.

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It was very team oriented Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses pretty well staffed. Work environment was mostly up Speed dating bristol reviews for horrible bosses and management paid attention to very busy and stressful times with compassion and recognized a job well done individually and as a team. Pro is that the pay is very low. EMT's are very poorly compensated.

Everyone is constantly arguing over something. Plenty of over time to be had. Claim this company page Review this company. Want to know more about working here? For jobs in Russia, visit ru.

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