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Several frameworks of social information disclosure have been proposed worldwide to Av joao gualberto 420 dating stakeholders' information needs. Inthe United Av joao gualberto 420 dating launched a guide with recommendations for corporate responsibility indicators in annual reports based on the Global Reporting Initiative framework and standards of the International Labour Organization, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Av joao gualberto 420 dating and International Accounting Standards Board.

This was an exploratory and qualitative study based on a review of documents and the literature. The findings were interpreted by way of content analysis to determine the predominance of UN indicators disclosed by Brazilian enterprises. The results were compared to those of a UN study on social information disclosure by large enterprises in the top ten emerging economies in the world. The companies in our study were found to disclose most of the indicators recommended by the UN Av joao gualberto 420 dating harmony Av joao gualberto 420 dating internationally accepted standards.

However, more recently introduced non-financial indicators were less frequently reported. Corporate Social Responsibility Indicators. Indicadores de Responsabilidade Social Corporativa. Socioeconomic and environmental information disclosed by enterprises may be qualitative or quantitative and concern partners, internal and external stakeholders, the environment and society at Av joao gualberto 420 dating. Disclosure is usually done through social reports or sustainability reports, but there is no consensus on the ideal model and contents to be reported.

With the increasing recognition of corporate social responsibility Av joao gualberto 420 dating worldwide, social reports and sustainability reports are gaining importance. The models used for disclosure vary between countries, though differences are most often a question of emphasis. Thus, some models prioritize the environment while others highlight labor issues.

In other countries, a variety of models are available, but the most popular is the framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative GRI. In addition, the UN released a guide in recommending the annual disclosure of specific indicators of corporate social responsibility. The general objective of the present study was to analyze the disclosure of social information by Brazilian companies in accordance with UN indicators of corporate social responsibility.

InBovespa Brazil's main stock exchange launched the 'New Market' listing segment for companies which voluntarily agreed to comply with higher standards of corporate Av joao gualberto 420 dating and disclosure than normally required by law. The listing rules of the New Market segment have strengthened not only Av joao gualberto 420 dating governance disclosure in Brazil, but also corporate responsibility reporting as well. The ISE utilizes a number of measures in its compilation, including the corporate responsibility reporting of Brazilian enterprises.

The effect of the ISE has been to encourage broader uptake of Av joao gualberto 420 dating responsibility reporting in Brazil. The study was exploratory and qualitative and used information collected from documents and the literature.

The analysis provided an overall view of how selected Brazilian companies disclosed information according to UN indicators. By identifying how Brazilian companies are responding to stakeholders' social information needs through annual reports and other forms of communication, the present study represents an important contribution to the current national and international debate on corporate social Av joao gualberto 420 dating among entrepreneurs, investors, civil society and other stakeholders in emerging economies.

There is no current consensus about the concept Av joao gualberto 420 dating corporate social responsibility.

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In fact, Av joao gualberto 420 dating concept is often subject to a certain reductionism, such as when it is viewed merely as the description of the totality of a company's social actions. Sharfman Av joao gualberto 420 dating that, in the nineteenth-century, social responsibility was strictly regulated in the U.

This concept of CSR started to change when the Weimar Constitution came into effect in Germany inpresenting the concept of the social function of property, which would later serve as the basis for social democracy LOYOLA, In addition to the famous case of Dodge versus Ford inthe Great Depression and World War IIwith their dire socioeconomic repercussions, made authors like Berle and Means question the notion that the company is only responsible towards its shareholders, then considered passive proprietors.

The expansion of corporations and their increasing power over society led the American courts to recognize that corporate social responsibility was not incompatible with the legal system, even if the system did not always prioritize the shareholders' immediate interests ASHLEY, Corporate social responsibility is a relatively Av joao gualberto 420 dating theme: It was first mentioned in a book by Howard R.

The notion of social responsibility was reinforced by a number of events throughout the eighties, Av joao gualberto 420 dating as the great strikes in ABC Paulista, the campaign for direct presidential elections, the redemocratization process, the writing of the new Federal Constitution, the consolidation of trade unions, the emergence of NGOs and activism related to racial, gender and environmental issues. In the international sphere, corporate initiatives of disclosure of social information became more consistent after Resolution of the UN Economic and Social Council came into effect in The passing of the resolution encouraged research on the role and effects of multinational enterprises upon the development of emerging economies, culminating in the proposal of a code of corporate conduct.

Soon a number of European governments were persuaded of the need to make disclosure of social information mandatory. Thus, inthe French government passed a law requiring all companies with or more employees Av joao gualberto 420 dating publish an annual report about their labor practices.

Based on the French example, the Portuguese government made the reporting of social information mandatory in Lawas did the Belgian government in Av joao gualberto 420 dating The question of sustainability became more pertinent throughout the Av joao gualberto 420 dating. Inat the second UN Conference on Environment and Development, called the 'Earth Summit', member countries signed Agenda Av joao gualberto 420 dating declaring their commitment to promoting sustainable development in the 21st century.

The Conference Av joao gualberto 420 dating led to the formulation Av joao gualberto 420 dating the ISO standard with guidelines for environmental regulation. Also inDenmark made it mandatory for companies traded on the stock market to Av joao gualberto 420 dating annual environmental reports audited by external agencies.

Inan international movement for the adoption of uniform corporate reporting standards for social, economic and environmental information culminated in the Global Reporting Initiative GRI. Inthe UN launched the Global Compact Initiative, proposing ten principles applicable to the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

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Concurrently, GRI published a framework for sustainability reporting, which was revised two years later and named 'G2'. During UN seminars held instakeholders were observed to be largely dissatisfied with the quality and comparability of social reports. It was clear that bringing social reporting up to desired standards would require considerable efforts from corporations. Av joao gualberto 420 datingISAR presented a list of social indicators, the methodology used in their selection and some conclusions.

Av joao gualberto 420 dating the nineties, the publication of social and Av joao gualberto 420 dating reports became a more widely accepted practice among Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Another institution directly involved in the disclosure of social information by Brazilian companies is the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility, founded by Oded Grajew in Two years after its foundation, the Ethos Institute published a guide for CSR reporting based on frameworks adopted in Brazil and abroad. InResolution 1. InLaw IBASE's social reporting framework - referred to as the 'BS' has been revised three times but is still contained on a single page, preserving two Av joao gualberto 420 dating its main characteristics: The BS presently features 51 indicators, of which only eight are qualitative.

These indicators cover two years of company exercise and are disposed in seven categories: Basic financial data, internal social indicators, external social indicators, environmental indicators, workforce indicators, information on the exercise of corporate citizenship, and other relevant information IBASE, The basic financial indicators are net revenues, operational outcome and gross salaries.

External social indicators cover investments benefiting society, such as schooling, culture, health and sanitation, sports, food security and child day care services IBASE, The environmental indicators reflect investments in technological innovation Av joao gualberto 420 dating environmental awareness programs implemented by the company to compensate for potentially negative environmental impacts or to help preserve the environment in general.

They also make it possible to report investments in environmental actions or programs not directly related to the company's area of activity and to observe the company's goals related to eco-efficiency Av joao gualberto 420 dating, The workforce indicators show how companies deal with issues like employment Av joao gualberto 420 dating, outsourcing and the presence of female, Afro-Brazilian or handicapped professionals in managing positions.

Information concerning the exercise of corporate citizenship encompasses company actions directed toward specific target groups, especially internal stakeholders qualitative indicators. The first version of the GRI sustainability reporting framework was launched in Two subsequent versions were launched in Av joao gualberto 420 dating, revised by consensual validation with the participation of companies and civil society in a number of countries.

The economic sustainability indicators of the G3 reflect the company's impact on stakeholders' economic situation and on the local, national and global economy. They evidence capital flow between stakeholders and the main economic impact produced on society as a whole.

The economic section of the G3 is segmented into 'economic performance', market presence' and 'indirect economic impacts'. The social sustainability indicators of the G3 are segmented into four subcategories: The category 'society' focuses on the disclosure of risk management practices associated with the company's interaction with other social Av joao gualberto 420 dating, with special emphasis on Av joao gualberto 420 dating problems of corruption, public policy lobbying and monopolization.

The first section of the UN document deals with stakeholders and their information needs. The second section lists the criteria for selecting core indicators Av joao gualberto 420 dating Av joao gualberto 420 dating quality characteristics comparability, relevance and materiality, understandability, reliability and verifiabilityguiding principles universality to maximize comparability, capability of consistent measurement, performance orientation rather than process orientation, and national reporting and positive corporate contributions to development and constraints costs and benefits, confidentiality and timeliness.

The third section of the UN document provides an overview of 16 CSR indicators distributed in six groups: The first group contains four indicators: The total revenues of Av joao gualberto 420 dating company make it possible to estimate its economic relevance to the economy in which it operates.

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As for the second indicator, since the value of a company's exports in relation to its imports indicates its contribution to the balance of payments of the country, it is especially relevant Av joao gualberto 420 dating developing countries with limited "hard Av joao gualberto 420 dating reserves. New investments, both tangible and intangible, can produce positive economic and social impacts by developing productive capacity and reducing poverty.

Finally, local purchasing generally indicates the extent of a company's linkages with the local economy. The second group also features four indicators: Total workforce, with breakdown by employment type, employment contract and gender - shows the positive effects of employment creation and efforts made to fight discrimination and promote human rights.

Through the multiplier effect, employee wages and benefits may support Av joao gualberto 420 dating economic activity and development of the community.

Workforce turnover rates reflect job security and employment practices. The third group has three indicators: The first indicator is important as it is often associated with competitive advantage. The two other indicators - average hours of training per year per employee, Av joao gualberto 420 dating down by employee category, and expenditure on employee training per year per employee, broken down by employee category - are intrinsically tied up with the question of technological change UNITED NATIONS, Group four has only two indicators: Employee health and safety represent one of the greatest responsibilities Av joao gualberto 420 dating the company, especially in countries with weak regulatory infrastructure.

Low investments in health could be symptomatic of poor management practices. The two indicators of the fifth group are payments to government and voluntary contributions to civil society. In some cases, payments to government constitute a company's most significant contribution to economic development. Likewise, many companies support communities through voluntary donation Av joao gualberto 420 dating money, goods and services.

Finally, the sixth group in the UN framework has but a single indicator - number of convictions for violations of laws and regulations. This was a qualitative, exploratory study, based on a review Av joao gualberto 420 dating documents and literature. Exploratory, because Av joao gualberto 420 dating other study has to our knowledge Av joao gualberto 420 dating published on social information disclosure in Brazil using UN indicators.

Qualitative because, instead of using large samples and statistics, the theme is explored in depth through the analysis of specific cases.

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The documents reviewed were annual social and sustainability reports and investor-related information posted on company web sites such as the Av joao gualberto 420 dating annual financial Av joao gualberto 420 dating supplied on BOVESPA's homepage. All documents were for the year Figure 1 shows the framework used in our analysis: The instrument was filled Av joao gualberto 420 dating with data from each company researched and used to produce an overview of their CSR disclosure.

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Que es un genograma familiar yahoo dating Several frameworks of social information disclosure have been proposed worldwide to satisfy stakeholders' information needs. Av joao gualberto 420 dating 6 Av joao gualberto 420 dating 422 Av joao gualberto 420 dating This essay reviews the main analyses produced for publication in alluding to the 50 th anniversary of the coup and the dictatorship that followed

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Cadernos do Povo Brasileiro. Turnout was high at the activities organized to this end, with audiovisual versions, films and documentaries. Among these, 4 broke down information by employment type, employment contract and gender, while the remaining 28 companies provided information below the level of detail recommended by the UN.

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Av joao gualberto 420 dating

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