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Dating alone onehallyu


You currently have javascript Dating alone onehallyu. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted Dating Dating alone onehallyu onehallyu April - While waiting for the subs, lets try to check your compatibility with Chanyeol.

Dating alone onehallyu a sheet of paper and a pen to write down your score. You see Chanyeol for the first time at the library and Dating alone onehallyu fall for his Dating alone onehallyu. What would you do to know him more? To be able to meet him again, you go to library everyday and sit at the same spot waiting for him.

To Dating alone onehallyu able to meet him again, you go Dating alone onehallyu library everyday and sit at the same spot.

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How could you Dating alone onehallyu wait here? I said no way he will come back to the library. Anyway, dont you think you have been wasted your youth by staying at library everyday? You follow Chanyeol and spot him entering Office of Architecture Department. Now you know what's his major is. Chanyeol is not in his seat, so your notes was being red by other male student and Dating alone onehallyu mistaken you has interest for him.

Dating alone onehallyu he leaves his seat, you search for information from the books he has been read. While you were searching for information through his books, Chanyeol came back and caught you opening his belonging, pissed Dating alone onehallyu. Your friend ask you to come to a blind date with seniors from Dept.

Coincidentally, you meet Chanyeol there. To determine blind date partners, the male seniors ask the girls to pick seniors' personal belonging. If you choose Dating alone onehallyu item, then the owner of that item will be your partner. Which one do you think is Chanyeol's?

Chanyeol owns camera film. I'm a member of photography club. By the way, I can talk informally because I'm the oppa, right? My name is Park Chanyeol. Nice to meet you. Dating alone onehallyu, your sly friend flirts Chanyeol by acting drunk and put her head on his shoulder in front of you.

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Chanyeol to his friends: Hey, the girls already Dating alone onehallyu, it's the time for Dating alone onehallyu to go Dating alone onehallyu. Why are you like that?

My head is really hurt! Why are you being like this? Why do you do that to your friend? Now, should I take care of my partner? You meet the guy who mistaken your notes at the library.

You meet Chanyeol too but just a mere greeting each other. Blind date organizer which is your friend: Omg, you're interested in Chanyeol? However, what should I do? He asked me not to spread his number to other people.

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The photography club members welcome and ask you to join them, however you dont see Chanyeol anywhere Dating alone onehallyu you feel a bit dissapointed. Suddenly Dating alone onehallyu wakes up from the sofa hidden on the corner of the room. Chanyeol happily notices you. So you like photography? Hyung, let's accept her.

She's a junior I know. I'll teach you from now on. You are partnered with Chanyeol on a club assignment to hunt pics outside. After you've done taking pics, you go to nearby restaurant to eat Dating alone onehallyu. The waitress praising you as a couple and that both of you really suit each other.

Waitress, give me more side dish! She Dating alone onehallyu mistakes us as lover because we eat together. We probably look great together. Jokingly saying, "We probably match each other. It's just lip service. She maybe says that to all couple.

But wait, you feel good? Well, it's not a bad thing either.

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If you feel good then you pay for this lunch. While waiting on the bus stop, you realize he is sleeping from tiredness beside you. Since he seems so tired, you offering to stop by in some warm place for them to rest. Sorry, I've must Dating alone onehallyu sleeping because I'm so Dating alone onehallyu. My head is heavy, right?

I get sore neck Your head is heavy. I like the smell. I was sleeping for a moment but I have a feeling some big trouble going to happen so I wake up. THat's not going to happen, Dating alone onehallyu On a gathering with club members there is truth or dare session. A male senior confessed Dating alone onehallyu you in public. Secretly Dating alone onehallyu to Chanyeol Dating alone onehallyu others back that you're startled by that male senior confession.

To not mess the atmosphere up you accept his confession and later explain it to Chanyeol. Guys, just pretend you never hear it, okay?! The male senior feels embarrassed, awkward and angry so he runs out of the room. Chanyeol is frustrated thus chasing him. This often happens to freshman. You dont need to feel surprised. However, you really has no feeling towards Sangjoon male senior?

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We were meant to be. I already knew his answers from watching the show earlier so I guess I can't do it objectively. Haha so did I but I was able to understand most of the questions or at least the choices I preferred so I played along while I watched it. Anyway I got I skipped questions 2 and 7 Dating alone onehallyu I knew the answers from the show while the other questions I answered it on my own.

I guess that means we're compatible? So I thought for Dating alone onehallyu 3rd question I was debating between taking care of her "drunk" ass, cause I always take care of the drunkies, and I thought "quietly" calling her out, meant literally pulling her aside and being like "bitch your ass aint drunk" not yelling at her in front of everyone. So if Dating alone onehallyu doing it that way, I got pts.

So which ever way. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Dating alone onehallyu

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To know more about him, you following where he goes You follow Dating alone onehallyu and spot him entering Office of Architecture Department. You left a can of beverage and your number at Chanyeol's desk Chanyeol is not in his seat, so your notes was being red by other male student and he mistaken you has interest for Dating alone onehallyu. Car key is not Chanyeol's Results: Pen is not Dating alone onehallyu Results: Gameboy is not Chanyeol's Results:

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