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Who am i are you sure you want to know


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Assume for the sake of discussion someone with an average reading speed - around words per minute. If you use just 20 words in a dialog, you're asking that user to spend 6 seconds reading and understanding what you wrote.

While that doesn't sound like much, a six second imposed pause when you're trying to get something done can seem to be an awfully long time. Who am i are you sure you want to know a final thought.

Avoid negatives, especially double negatives. Some native English speakers find double negatives tricky, and many who learn English as a second language find them confusing especially if their native tongue Who am i are you sure you want to know double-negatives for emphasis instead of inversion.

I always make a point of showing the user which item is being deleted especially since the dialogue might obscure the item in question, but also because seeing identifiable text in the dialogue will call attention:. Surely you don't want to continue without saving? If you user test it you'll notice that humorous messages get noticed a bit more frequently simply because they sort of stand out from the crowd of generic messages and if they're actually cute enough get a smile on the face of the user.

What more could you want? Are you trying to help people? Guess what, people learn to ignore these dialogs, they always subconsciously confirm whatever action they just did. Google design writing guidelines suggests the following:. Further Material Design alert dialogs suggests rephrasing the question to remove the 'are you sure? Use title bar alerts only for high-risk situations, such as the potential loss of connectivity.

Users should be able to understand the choices based on the title and button text alone. A critical thing to remember is that people ignore "Are you Who am i are Who am i are you sure you want to know sure you want to know messages.

You have to force them to think about the decision. Here is one of my favorities. This moves the important part of the question to the front where it is hopefully more likely to be read.

I'd also tend to avoid messages for actions that can be undone and reduce the number of undoable actions to an absolute minimum. For critical messages you want to be as clear as possible and make sure the user reads the message.

Peter Who am I You...

Get lost on the user, The user reads it as yada, yada, yada, whatever You are about to submit you application, This action can not be un-done, Do you want to continue, Click yes to continue or click cancel. Button names should correspond to the action the user performs when Who am i are you sure you want to know the button—for example, Erase, Save, or Delete. The rightmost button in the dialog, the action button, is the button that confirms the alert message text.

The action button is usually, but not always, the default button. Note that in Cocoa methods, the rightmost button is always referred to as the default button even though it might not be. For some more reading, here's an interesting article talking about the problems with message boxes in general: Why Message Boxes Are Evil.

It is not always about these explicit actions like delete,erase,save. There can be certain scenarios where user may unknowingly exits from an ongoing critical process. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. I don't like seeing the word 'you' in the message twice. Are you sure you want to delete this item? Are you sure you want to continue?

Brian 1 3 8. Not sure Who am i are you sure you want to know not liking seeing the word you twice Who am i are you sure you want to know a good enough reason to want to change the Who am i are you sure you want to know text, but whatever floats your boat: You should try to avoid "are you sure" dialogs if you can.

People tend to click YES or OK out of habit, so it's not much of a safeguard against doing the wrong thing. Who am i are you sure you want to know much better to skip the confirmation, but provide an undo. Aza Raskin puts it well: Part of the reason that people skip over long messages is due to reading speed. So, three suggestions for you, all aimed at maximum clarity with minimum fuss.

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Be as concise as possible Identify the item at risk Name your buttons for the actions Here is a simple deletion dialog: Let's reduce the number of words to the minimum to make it easier to read: Now, let's identify the item at risk, and label the buttons for the action: Much better - easier to read and clearer. Another example - a continuation dialog.

Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. (Opening Narration)...

Again, let's identify what's going on and label the buttons for the actions. Bevan 6, 3 27 Or, you can just read the Windows UX guidelines msdn. I believe you are actually setting some bad examples: It is "OK", not "Ok". If you identify the buttons for the action, you must do this with both buttons, not just with one i. Who am i are you sure you want to know - Who am i are you sure you want to know think you may have misread my answer: I'm showing Who am i are you sure you want to know progression from poor to better.

To address your points And, I think all my examples are full sentences. To take the last one: I don't think Post? In you last sentence "transaction processing" is not at all a subjectbut an indirect object see en.

I did understand your examples show a gradual improvement, I just think the final result still contains a few minor flaws. I'd always prefer Cancel to anything else The problem with "Don't save" is that it may use "Throw away" in some other poor context. I always make a point of showing the user which item is being deleted especially since the dialogue might obscure the item in question, but also because seeing identifiable text in the dialogue will call attention: Delete "your favourite item"?

You can also inject a little humour here and there, depending on what kind of app you're making: Or you could just follow my rule of thumb: All dialog buttons must be labeled "D'oh! VirtuosiMedia If there are two buttons, only one should be labelled "D'oh! All 20 users expressed surprise at the ensuing red emergency lights, sirens, and warnings to evacuate before the nuclear meltdown. Those that survived later mentioned that they were torn between fleeing for safety and seeing what was in the fridge.

Shaken by the experience, they seemed to wonder if they had made the right choice. It would be more humorous if it said "Shirley" instead of "Surely".

Peter Parker: [voiceover] Who am...

It's better to not have such dialogs, instead, implement undo functionality. So that's the wrong approach to solve the problem. The problem here is: A better solution for that problem would be to allow the user to rollback his change.

If you allowed them to undo deletions, you get two good things: You won't have to annoy the user with useless dialogs. Users can recover from unintentional deletions. Who am i are you sure you want to know undo is a lot harder than showing a confirmation box.

Straight to the point.

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Ryan Shripat 1, 1 14 Google suggest two different ways and both remove 'you' entirely. Google design writing guidelines suggests the following: Omit unnecessary phrases You can skip many common introductory phrases and get right to the point. If a title is required: Use a clear question or statement with an explanation in the content area, such as "Erase USB storage?

Similarly, World of Warcraft requires you to type, in all-caps, the word "DELETE" into a field when you try to delete a character from your account and even then, you can get it back if you really want. I'm not sure what the "can not undo" checkbox means. If I don't check it, will I be able to undo? Or will the "No going back" button not activate until I check it? This dialogue almost feels like a form itself, including error handling and UI element state management.

Peter Who am I You...

If I make a mistake in this dialogue will it pop up a dialogue telling me what I did wrong? The concept here is nice if you can't support Undo but the labeling is really weird.

Who am i are you sure you want to know
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Joaquim Barbosa on April 20, One of the security features in macOS is a prompt which appears when opening a program for the first time: This is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? If you already practice good housekeeping in what you download and open, this dialog can be a time waster. There are various ways to deal with it, and this guide will talk you through their pros and cons.

This is by far the easiest and most secure method to deal with Gatekeeper prompts. A prompt will now appear asking for confirmation. In future, the application will open without confirmation, as it has been approved. You only need to do this on first launch. This method is functionally identical to Option 1, and as it takes a little longer, is probably less desirable.

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