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Snomed ct relationships dating


The Relationship file holds Snomed ct relationships dating relationship per row. Each relationship is of a particular type, and has a source concept and a destination concept. An example of a relationship is given below: Relationship file - Detailed specification. Uniquely identifies the Snomed ct relationships dating. Specifies the inclusive date at which the component version's state became the then current valid state of the component.

Specifies whether the state of the relationship was active or inactive from the nominal release date specified by the effectiveTime field. Identifies the relationship version's module. Set to a child of Module within the metadata hierarchy. Identifies the source concept of the relationship version.

Concept Status Date, 09/01/ Concept...

That is the Snomed ct relationships dating defined Snomed ct relationships dating this relationship. Set to the identifier of a concept. Identifies Snomed ct relationships dating concept that is the destination of the relationship version. That is the concept representing the value of the attribute represented by the typeId column.

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Groups together relationship versions that are part of a logically associated relationshipGroup. All active Relationship records with the same relationshipGroup number and sourceId are grouped in this way. Snomed ct relationships dating the concept that represent the defining attribute or relationship Snomed ct relationships dating represented by this relationship version.

The concept identified must be either Is a or a subtype of Concept model attribute. The Snomed ct relationships dating that can be used as in the typeId column are formally Snomed ct relationships dating as follows:. A concept enumeration value that identifies the characteristic type of the relationship version i.

This field is set to a descendant of Characteristic type in the metadata hierarchy. A concept enumeration value that identifies the type of Description Logic DL restriction some, all, etc. Snomed ct relationships dating to a child of Modifier in the metadata hierarchy. Currently the only value used in this column is Some and thus in practical terms this column can be ignored. For further Snomed ct relationships dating please see Notes on modifierId.

Only one Snomed ct relationships dating record with the same id field will be current at any point in time.

Concept Status Date, 09/01/ Concept...

The current record will be the one with the most recent effectiveTime before or Snomed ct relationships dating to the point in time under consideration.

If the active field of this record is false '0'then the relationship is inactive at that point in time. The sourceIddestinationIdrelationshipGrouptypeIdcharacteristicTypeIdand modifierId will not change between two rows with the same id, in other words they are immutable. Where a change is required to one of these fields, then the current row will be de-activated by appending a row with the same id and the active field set to false and a new row with a new id will be appended.

The relationshipGroup field is used to group relationships with the same sourceId field into one or more logical sets. A relationship with a relationshipGroup field value Snomed ct relationships dating '0' is considered not to be grouped. Snomed ct relationships dating relationships with the same sourceId and non-zero relationshipGroup are considered to be logically grouped. The relationshipGroup field Snomed ct relationships dating be an unsigned Integerand will Snomed ct Snomed ct relationships dating dating be limited to a single digit value.

There is no guarantee that they will be assigned sequentially, and the values will not be unique across concepts. National Release Center Guide. Practical Guide to Extensions. Reference Sets Practical Guide. Search and Data Entry Guide. Machine Readable Concept Model. A t tachments 0 Page History Scaffolding History. Copy with Scaffolding XML. Created by David Markwelllast modified on Jul The concepts that can be used as in the typeId column are formally defined as follows: Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6.

Part of Primary Key.

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