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So eun seo dating after divorce


The Fact via Nate 1. He used to be a nugu before the show but now he's got CFs and everything. Song Jaerim had everything to gain out of this. Ilgan Sports via Naver 1.

Kim Apologizes to Song Jae-rim

Just leave the show. Frustrating watching the show knowing it's fake. OSEN via Naver 1. Not even ashamed i shipped them they were hot af http: I thought it was pretty obvious now that whoever ends up on WGM is either dating in real life or just there for publicity Why do people not understand that wgm is like a drama for christ sake.

Don't go on WGM if you plan to date or are dating. You're just asking for trouble. I mean theres no way jaerim So eun seo dating after divorce know soeun got a boy already? I was watching their episodes few mins before these news came out, the episode when soeun got mad of jaerim when he said on SNL korea that their relationship is just business lol.

I am still amazed at people who believe this show is not fake. It's make belief marriage show for goodness sake. Kim So Eun made it clear that she is just doing a program, I am happy for the couple. Welllll Jaerim is mine anyways so i already knew it haha, you know we planned this out. Just kidding but Jaerim is still mine Like seriously it's a virtual tv show, why would you feel So eun seo dating after divorce for Jaerim or Yura?

Why go on a marriage program if you're already dating? They both are gorgeous. Congratulations on the relationship! WGM needs So eun seo dating after divorce stop, seriously. After her interview, I stopped watching WGM.

Kim So Eun is a...

Now reading this news make me ill at how dishonest some artiste can be. I am not saying she cannot date but one has to honor the duration of their contract.

Kim So Eun Says She...

Otherwise, just break the contract instead of being caught lying. She does herself no flavours at all. WGM is officially a show for celebs to TRY hiding the fact that they are actually dating someone else Jaerim was faking it enough to look So eun seo dating after divorce he truly was interested in her, So Eun The only reason anyone goes on WGM is to deflect dating rumours.

I wanna rub that chunky belly and pinch those squishy cheeks! Kim So Eun has just committed a career suicide. Her reputation in Korea will be so badly affected. She should have stopped filming the moment she started dating. She is a adult, she can date but not during the duration of the contract she had signed.

WGM just like saw a romantic movie. Why go on WGM of you're already dating? That just brings you more trouble. Ugh I hope she So eun seo dating after divorce garner the hate like Oh Yeon Seo. Girl is too precious and too underrated to be hated like that. That's why most of them even go on the show, to cover up for a relationship. I mean she knows what's she's getting into when filming the show. This is true, lol.

I'm glad he went on this show and I'm glad this is happening so he can keep his So eun seo dating after divorce and the obnoxious articles of their ship can stop. She hit daebak cos of Jang Bori - but even from that, Lee Yuri was the one that got everything. To So eun seo dating after divorce of the wgm shippers, your ship kind of just I love when obnoxiously shipped men end up dating.

Idk So eun seo dating after divorce you are but I really feel that if your dating you shouldn't be on WGM. Yeah it's fake and all but still. Kim So Eun deserves an oscar and if song jae rim knew he deserves an oscar as well. Idk why I'm finding this so So eun seo dating after divorce. We knew she had zero interest in SJR long before So eun seo dating after divorce comments were made public.

Idk why people are always feeling sorry for the other party, they knew what they were signing up for. SJR did this for business purposes and his popularity skyrocketed.

It's like you're asking for hate. I like wgm, previous couple dont have this So eun seo dating after divorce of problem,maybe they date with other, but still never caught. The problem is not dating, the problem is that she is in the show. Theyre both actors so what they show on wgm is absolutely pro. That's good play on kim so eun's part because the pictures were not that incriminating.

Oh yeon seo and So eun seo dating after divorce Jang woo pictures were a whole a lot worse. She can date if she is not on contract. She cannot used WGM to gain publicity and So eun seo dating after divorce presence whilst dating away from camera. I do not like WGM as I dont think a contact that ties people down on No Dating contract for about mths is unrealistic. But she signed knowing the rules. She should just honor it.

Lots of people work hard to make this program possible. Her selfishness will affect the team. Well you never know lee joon clearly didn't know that oh So eun seo dating after divorce seo was dating so.

But c'mon, if you're gonna sign up for the show, at least be single and date after the show. She is cheating on her contract, are you blind. Can you not read? Goodness, who is talking about a husband.

You need your eyes checked. There's just something iffy about being in a "reality marriage" show when everybody now knows she's actually with somebody else.

I mean the show can play up skinship or whatever, it's just gonna come out flat. Well considering the popularity you can get after being n the show, who want to turned down the offer? They all sign the same contract to be on this high profile variety show. Those who go on this show while in a relationship for only fame and So eun seo dating after divorce are just selfish and trash.

I guess the pic shows the best. Her drama that was airing at the time saw ratings increase. OYS did well coming out of that scandal because her career was more solidified at the time.

His Ideal Woman

KSE isn't like that. Regardless, it'll only be minor internet hate. The public wouldn't care to hate on her. I mean good luck to the the two and I wish them all the best, but why still be in wgm when you're dating someone? That just So eun seo dating after divorce the show in an even more awkward position Yeah, it doesn't make sense: So eun seo dating after divorce even if she wasn't dating anyone at the start of WGM, why she start a relationship amidst filming it?

Eventhough the show is fake. She at least to respect audience and the show when she is in it. I am glad i didnt try to watch it LOL sorry for wgm shipper I asked on an earlier article, I want to know what they think of the song.

It's still top 5 on most charts. Just make sure he is not caught. Otherwise he will be roasted too. Being on this show- she gains more recognition, lead roles, she appears on TV weekly etc etc. She knows what she's getting into.

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