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Cs go matchmaking elo ranking


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The system works by taking the overall ranks of both teams and then calculates before who was ment to win the game, If Cs go matchmaking elo ranking have 2 Cs go matchmaking elo ranking Cs go matchmaking elo ranking one is filled with Novas and the other one with Eagles the game will directly think that the team that conists of eagles is going to win.

Cs go matchmaking elo ranking however the team that is filled with novas wins,they get a very big boost and would also have a way higher chance of Cs go matchmaking elo ranking up from that game. If the eagle team wins, like the game predicted then the players get less points from the game and most likely do not rank up.

It also depends on how each player is playing, if you have played 10 games and won all of them and you have not ranked up it's because you might be the one bottom scoring. The key Cs go matchmaking elo ranking ranking up ingame fast is by making Kills, getting points and also getting lots of MVP's, it also depends on who you kill, if the person on the other side of the team is global for example, and you are nova 4 and you keep killing him your gaining a huge amount of points from the global player that he is loosing.

Each player starts with 0 Points and has to build it up by playing well, getting lots of frags and lots of MVP's and so on, Its a very basic system and other games also use it.

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There are also players that lost games but still ranked up, this is because of what we mentioned earlier, it matters who you kill and how you play this is why some players often Cs go matchmaking elo ranking up even by loosing the game. Now i'll give you my tipp on the best way to gain Cs go matchmaking elo ranking, Get lots of kills, points and MVP's thats as basic as it is and if you win the game you get more points added to your csgo account. This was a basic way to explain how the elo system of csgo works i hope this helped you out alot Cs go matchmaking elo ranking help you gain ranks from now on, if this helped please leave a like, if you have questions comment and if you want more videos please subscribe.

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