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By Our Political Editor A comfortable two thirds majority in Parliament, a modernised armed forces and a heavily politicised Police Department at its beck and call notwithstanding, the UPFA Government went into panic mode this week.

At least two main events, among others, foretold the story of its knee jerk reactions. They wanted a total ban of the event. That these officers were acting on the orders of the UPFA leadership was in little doubt. The Government wanted no protest and no processions. They gave a number of reasons to Colombo Additional Magistrate, Mohamed Shahabdeen, why the protest outside the Fort Railway Station and a reportedly planned procession should be banned.

They claimed it would lead to traffic congestion and inconvenience workers and business people returning home. It Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction also hinder crowds that are thronging to see the Chinese built Colombo harbour extension.

Magistrate Shahabdeen ruled that Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction protest cannot be prohibited. However, he directed that it should be confined to the area opposite the Fort Railway Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction. He said if the protestors blocked Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction road; the Police were entitled to use minimum force to evict them.

Even if there was no such Magisterial order, that was their legal responsibility. In this list, other than the UNP, none of the listed parties are well known or draw Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction level support. Nor does any one of these parties has representation in Parliament.

In fact, the existence of one or two like the Ruhunu Janatha Party and the Eksath Janatha Peramuna was not known until the protest was arranged. There were those who Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction placards, at least two of them unusually provocative about a powerful official. Some two hours, a few speeches and slogan chanting later, the event ended. A few among those enthusiastic including a group of parliamentarians began a march to the Presidential Secretariat.

Police ensured the flow of traffic but did not offer resistance despite a few eggs and plastic water bottles being hurled at Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction. They were ordered to confine the protest to opposite the Fort railway station area. But they went in a procession violating the order. The organisers of the event had expected to muster a crowd of at least 5, from Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara areas.

Both were to turn down covert overtures made. By hindsight, to put it mildly, it is nothing more than an over-reaction.

If the Govt under estimated the ground realities in Weliweriya, for some inexplicable reason, it had over-estimated the events that were Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction unfold last Wednesday outside the Fort Railway Station.

Both these instances paint a rather dismal picture about how feedbacks are reaching the UPFA leadership. Are some actions or decisions being influenced by such questionable political reportage? Indeed if they are misleading, who is responsible? Egregious enough, it is even more absurd when it ends up with a turnout of only some 2, Senior Police officials, who do not wish to be named, concede that there had been occasions when trade union events outside the Fort Railway Station have Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction crowds much higher than this number.

The lesson here is whether it does any good for the Government when there is a military crackdown on crowds in Weliweriya and a Police crackdown on an opposition event in Colombo using a law that came into effect inover years old under colonial rule, to shoot down a democratic protest. As is clear, the law was in place before Sri Lanka gained independence 65 years ago. Thus, it was not intended to clamp down on a legitimate exercise by an opposition political party.

Equally it does no good for the main opposition for it has failed to highlight this issue before the public. That is the fact that an old law is now being often used as a tool to suppress the role of a legitimate opposition in a democracy. It seems only the media, both print and electronic, is playing their role largely by highlighting issues that involve public interest. Another instance that reveals an unfolding, new political Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction is the aftermath of a judgment in the Panadura High Court on August 1.

Judge Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena found nine members of the Presidential Security Division PSD and a labourer attached to the unit guilty of several charges of harassment against two popular artistes, Rookantha Goonatillake and wife Chandralekha. The incident took place inor 13 years ago, when Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga was the President.

The Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction had stormed the house of the artiste at the Mattegoda Housing Scheme one late night, harassed and caused bodily harm to them. Those found guilty are nine police constables, Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction Reserve Police constable and a labourer. The other six PCs were serving in various stations including two of them in the present Presidential Security Division.

Eight individuals including former DIG...

One police constable was acquitted in the case. Another, who is disabled, was given a simple imprisonment for the same period. They also said that they would convey their decision to forgive them Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Riot police preventing opposition marchers from proceeding to the Presidential Secretariat following a demonstration outside the Fort Railway Station on Wednesday.

Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction by Indika Handuwela At least some of those convicted have also appealed for clemency and the others, the Sunday Times learns, will Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction suit within a few days. The move comes amidst speculation that the men, who are likely to receive a Presidential pardon, would later hold a Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction to tell it all — who gave the orders and why the attack was carried out.

Would that mean the Government will pursue the issue further through another probe? What character would it Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction These are questions to which answers will follow if those serving jail sentences are pardoned.

Though the name of Ms. Kumaratunga has not transpired in any way in the court case Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction in its aftermath, as the former President and Minister of Defence it would become incumbent on her to explain the circumstances under which the incident occurred. That is in the event of those now serving a sentence is pardoned and ends up baring details.

It is no secret that during the past months Kumaratunga has been bitterly critical about the UPFA leadership in some of her conversations with cabinet ministers. These very ministers were her own Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction and loyal confidants when she served as President.

Those conversations were emanating amidst wild speculation that Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction. Kumaratunga would re-enter politics. Of course, she has made it quite clear Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction has no hopes of returning to politics. Kumaratunga is currently away from Sri Lanka.

She had wanted to surprise her sister Sunethra on her birthday on July 27 by organising a private party. She had gone to a star class hotel in a Colombo suburb to make a booking. Later it had come as a surprise when she told Sunethra that a dinner had been arranged for her with immediate relatives and friends.

It was when the function was under way; Ms Kumaratunga complained to a confidant who was also present at the Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction that a group reportedly from a state intelligence arm were busy noting down the vehicle numbers of those who were attending the event. They stood in the foyer of the hotel unobtrusively. At that Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction she had said she would ignore it. However, she was to lament after the event over another development.

Personnel from the same agency, she complained to the confidant, had sought more information from the hotel authorities. This was about who was present and what was discussed during the dinner. She is our former President.

(File photo) Six suspects including...

Sleuths in state intelligence arms are forbidden from speaking to the media unless with prior official authorisation. She could be interviewed directly in keeping with the laws of the land.

Such matters are usually carried through a transparent process keeping the public informed of why such action was necessary. This is more so since she once held the high office Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction the President of Sri Lanka. However, it is indeed strange this should happen to former President Kumaratunga. The modus operandi, which Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction says was used on her, was exactly the same one she used on others when she was President.

Then, in the absence of mechanisms to intercept mobile phone messages, system providers were called upon to provide details of phone calls made and received. They were analysed for the frequency of the calls made and how often. That way, they were able to say a person made so many calls per day to a particular party — proof Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction they were in constant Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction Land telephone lines were monitored and some conversations were later played to those concerned.

There were warnings to a politician on an extra-marital affair. In another, a politician in the then Government was warned not to speak against the leadership. In one instance, a journalist was under constant watch to identify his sources of information. It was over procurements that made millionaires of those both in and out of uniform. Motorcyclists trailed him and men in three-wheeler scooters taxis parked outside and watched his home.

He flatly denied the accusation. It turned out that a Pajero vehicle that had arrived to deliver a news release from the Media Centre had earlier been used by this CDS.

a joyful mood and shows...

When it turned old, he had obtained a replacement vehicle. He was able to establish the truth only a few days later and had to suffer the ignominy of that charge until then. The moral — not all what is reported by sleuths could be nothing but the truth. She will hold talks with senior judicial figures, members of the National Human Rights Commission and the Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction monitoring the National Plan of Action on the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

She will also meet representatives of civil society and undertake field visits to the north and east of the country. At the end of her visit, on Saturday 31 August, the High Commissioner is due to hold a news conference in Colombo.

Sumanthiran are now on a visit to Canada. Tamil Diaspora groups had arranged for a fund raising event, originally scheduled for July 7.

The TNA duo will return richer Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction step up their polls campaign in the north. Besides those engagements, Pillay is also expected to take a look at Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction related to the Weliweriya shooting as well as the mosque incident in Grandpass.

A detailed report of the latter incident appears elsewhere in this newspaper. After much discussion, when the factual positions were explained, an amicable settlement was reached.

The date conducive to the nominations is moreover to be announced and Department sources said that more.. July 7 SL Regardless of the sundry unresolved issues faced before the outback, the Rajapaksa govt has been unwasteful in story aspect — coming up with deviating tactics to temporarily lay low being held accountable benefit of its failures.

Herath notorious that the key to address the situation is to a determined voice against corruption from within the society and that the opposition has the culpability to distribute strength to more.. The alleged perpetrators were remanded until the next court date. He, instead, cunningly avoided the issue in all respects and decisive to talk about how companies close CPC incurred huge losses.

What do you consider is the reason in spite of corruption in Sri Lanka, especially in the state of affairs sector? The aim of the Sacred calling is to turn Sri Lanka into a guide higher schooling hub compare favourably with to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia or Australia by This is why the Ministry invites foreign students to Sri Lanka notwithstanding their higher studies more..

The Lankan selectors in mid-June selected an inaugural member prior squad to prepare for the benefit of this meeting which all leading sisters of the Asian Cricket Council — Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh — resolve take chip alongside more.. He said the agenda was a rushed chestnut and it had pinched criticism from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the other major athlete who was overlooked throughout ICC events. July 7 ST The former Customs preventive Chief Ranjan Kanagasabai accused of obtaining a bribe has been directed to be published before the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption on Thursday to journal a asseveration regarding his declaration of assets and liabilities from onwards, Bribery Commission officials said.

Kanagasabai has dead served with a extra letter sent by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption to rule details of more.. He is the son of renowned contrive, the time Dr.

Kulasinghe, has to 30 years of more..

Today, in our cricket history there are many who can be called legends of cricket, but, before Sri lanka gained Investigation status there were only a few who qualified for that title. One such true code is Michael Tissera, a rare individual who has stayed valid to the gentlemanly spirit of cricket. He remembers playing cricket when he was a unfledged student of S. I played in the Under 14 and 16 teams. Playing in the first eleven was a undersized bit of luck. And I must have bowled fairly by a long chalk that day, because they said, come again the next lifetime, and the next thing I knew, I was playing on Friday in the First Eleven.

Tissera also captained S. Unfortunately, both were drawn games. I think Michael Welle got in for Royal. Ronny Read got 65 in the first innings and 65 in the promote innings for us. And so they were drawn games.

Tissera captained Ceylon to its principal victory over a Test-playing political entity, India, in , when his declaration in a low-scoring combination led to victory over India by four wickets.

Vass gunawardena dig wife sexual dysfunction


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  • The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Vass Gunawardena is now in The attack on...
  • By Our Political Editor A comfortable two thirds majority in...
  • He is Malaka Silva, who was in the spotlight of controversy months ago.

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The arrest of Vaas Gunawardena and the descent into rulelessness The Deputy Inspector General of The gendarmes DIG Vass Gunawardena is with it in remand custody while an inquiry into the conspiracy to murder a businessman for indemnify is ongoing.

Even as he is being interrogated he was reported in the television network, Suwarnawa Hini, in its summary on Mulpituwe Front Page, which is a commentary on unsurpassed newspaper stories , as the investigating police officers that he is a murderer and that he "will take his revenge when he returns".

Due to the fact that over several years there sire been many allegations regarding Vass Gunawardena. The attack on a student, Nipuna Ramanayake, by ball and son with the comfort of two police officers in force for the DIG who was a Senior Superintendent of Policemen at the time , received wide coverage in the media.

However, no criminal action has been taken on that discharge as of today.

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Vass Gunawardhana and His Son Sentenced to Death

Are naked pictures wrong? :S They were S.A.D.S. Gunawardena, Deputy Inspector General of Police . of harassment against two popular artistes, Rookantha Goonatillake and wife Chandralekha. It was when the function was under way; Ms Kumaratunga complained to a Ex-DIG Vaas Gunawardena, who is alleged to have threatened three. Sajin Vass Gunawardena was many things to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. and independent bodies tasked with the function of monitoring the From the day of his election the masses behold a “Sir” and in his wife, a “Madam”. . plan of action to address sexual and gender-based violence in Sri Lanka..

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Comment On Sajin-Nonis Affair

India's chances of qualifying for the final looked bleak after two consecutive defeats, but they trounced the hosts by a big enough margin to pick up a bonus point. It is no secret that during the past months Kumaratunga has been bitterly critical about the UPFA leadership in some of her conversations with cabinet ministers. On day five, occasional deliveries turned dramatically, but on the whole, batsmen could trust deliveries that pitched on the straight — away from the rough.

The rest of the UNPers are the same, including who have crossed over but one can be assured none can resort to corruption once RW take the reins with full powers, unlike last time where he simply could not cleanse lest he would have been betrayed as they did later.

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The arrest of Vaas Gunawardena and the descent into anarchy

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