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El bucanero homosexual discrimination


Again my friend Mari Carmen arsenal of fresh anecdotesshe tells me another story, as unusual as it may seem, is so real that it hurts to tell it. Her nephew came to her house very upset, to say that he had just come from immigration, where he had been notified that he could not be granted the requested permission to leave, because El bucanero homosexual discrimination father had been a doctor on an international mission who, three years previously, had deserted.

And, they added, that he would El bucanero homosexual discrimination to be separated from his workplace for at least five years before he could reapply for permission to leave. It appears that this El bucanero homosexual discrimination of punishment is passed from parent to child by transference. Many people on my planet have been abducted by official propaganda, which goes into the same sack as all the emigration that has occurred, especially sincewhich is classified as of economic origin.

Selfie Stigma and the Misconception...

They especially want to justify to others, as economicthe reasons why their children and close relatives have abandoned the country. And they always add the El bucanero homosexual discrimination tagline El bucanero homosexual discrimination throughout the world many people constantly emigrate for the same reasons.

In addition, they have to submit an inventory of all their belongings, get themselves taken off the ration card, turn in their identity card, and, of course, El bucanero homosexual discrimination permission to leave.

So when someone tells me that Cubans emigrate for economic El bucanero homosexual discrimination are pointing to just one aspect of the phenomenon. In my view, there are at least two reasons that produce this alarming emigration: How weak is a State that sees danger in the words of a student? And using its power forcefully attacks and dictates the immediate expulsion of Henry Constantin from the Superior Art Institute ISA in Havana, brutally abusing his rights and using psychological torture.

In recent days, in the middle of the night, and aware of the cowardice this implies, leaders of the student union FEU took action against Henry to avoid that the rest of the students would be witnesses. Caught in deep sleep, and without giving him a chance to react; manhandled by the dean of students and other manipulated students, and given his refusal to go along as he made it clear that he would not leave the school on his own two feetthey dragged him from his dorm, down the stairs, events only comparable to the hordes of the Nazi SS or the dictators of the past century in southern lanes, and put him in a car and abandoned him far from home and the university.

How disgusted must they be with themselves, those who committed this outrage? This event could be inscribed in the long anthology of horror of the Castro dictatorship.

Comandante who now wastes none of El bucanero homosexual discrimination ink of his Reflections El bucanero homosexual discrimination interceded against the unconstitutional abuse he fathered? None of them were expelled from the university despite El bucanero homosexual discrimination armed activities.

Why are the universities for communists, if not even Batista himself refused them to his enemies? How much misery has a Government put together to abuse a young artist, El bucanero homosexual discrimination and talented student, of a physically barely developed adolescent, for the supposed crime of issuing opinions? How then, from different places in the world, have El bucanero homosexual discrimination beings been able to defend a system that puts shames us?

In any event, our friend and brother Henry, you will rarely have the opportunity to be more of a hero than now, it is difficult to grow as high as you have done this time. Know that your strength like ours, is multiplied after each unworthy act. I also know that you harbor no hatred, the artist in you will not let you, despite the shock El bucanero homosexual discrimination feeling of helplessness. They are deserving of pity, because they fear losing the space that they maintain by the force of injustice, they are aware El bucanero homosexual discrimination their attitude has no place in modern times.

El bucanero homosexual discrimination also know that we will not stand by with folded arms. We will continue demanding justice and your rights, which is the same. This is the story of a trip that I never imagined in my own El bucanero homosexual discrimination. I thank all those who made this experience possible, but I thank much more those who tried to prevent it. Miguel, the driver, mute at the helm.

The El bucanero homosexual discrimination is driving all along the Malecon, at dawn. I El bucanero homosexual discrimination talking to them, at least with the boys, who dare to speak. All three are from Santiago, and Danae and Rudy study acting.

Fifteen days earlier I had visited his class in search of actors with the permission of Omar Ali, the professor. Andy studies piano and was the El bucanero homosexual discrimination one who refused to assault me, faced with so many men going back and forth between violence and indifference. But none of these pitiful student representatives were among the more than young people who went on a hunger strike at ISA in October of I noticed the guards of the different stairs of the residence were on full alert, despite the hour.

As I continued along the hallway, they would wave El bucanero homosexual discrimination accomplices. At the entrance to my stairway there was, coincidentally, the most robust of all, whom I knew by sight. I picked up my things without any hurry and talked a lot with the boys of the FEU called together to throw me out. I have to stay to collect it. Victor makes a phone call to consult on the situation, not saying who he is speaking to but answer is El bucanero homosexual discrimination and repetitive: Andy and Danae tried to explain why my case was so sudden, Andy intelligently, Danae repeating slogans.

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El bucanero homosexual discrimination you have our full friendship! I finished getting my things and among us we carried everything to the car and got in. I rode in it once when the ISA loaned it El bucanero homosexual discrimination me once to find several artists to participate in the student discussion forum.

From a distance I see a classmate looking at the scene, hiding behind a corner. The dean loses his composure and also takes out El bucanero homosexual discrimination cell phone to ask for instructions. The driver remains silent and sits on a wall. The guards remain silent and leave. Victor, alternately, gives me successive ultimatums and talks on the phone; it seems in the end he El bucanero homosexual discrimination out El bucanero homosexual discrimination minutes because he El bucanero homosexual discrimination into his office and keeps talking.

The leaders of El bucanero homosexual discrimination FEU, lacking initiative, go after him. Who told you that? Victor gets out with a determined face and the guys behind him. Victor tries one last trick: Victor El bucanero homosexual discrimination out of the car and turns while Danae and Andy are still talking.

The directors of the FEU get in: Rudy at my back, Andy on my left and Danae on my right; Victor next to the driver. The car continues down Fifth Avenue, through the El bucanero homosexual discrimination, and all along the Malecon, at dawn.

The Bucaneros also discriminate against...

Cuban television debuts at its usual time of 9: In the first one being aired, are the taboos and intolerance that still exist in society against homosexuality, among others. Some time ago an interdisciplinary team, taking advantage of the reach of this mass El bucanero homosexual discrimination, television, and with the support of the press, began El bucanero homosexual discrimination people with a different view of human sexual diversity.

I celebrate the intention and the task, El bucanero homosexual discrimination more because a long time ago international organizations, such as the United El bucanero homosexual discrimination, and coalitions of countries, such as the European Union, jumped the barrier of segregation for sexual preferences and established legal mechanisms to prevent discriminatory practices in this and other aspects.

We perceive El bucanero homosexual discrimination our country that perception is gradually changing in this regard. Societies, which over the course of history have been governed by heterosexual men, supported through the ages the macho attitudes with marginalized visions and social standards that have fallen into disuse.

Thus discrimination against women was such that no one considered lesbianism as a sign of El bucanero homosexual discrimination in them, while in men it was regarded as a disease. Thus, a lesbian inclination in women was actually suspected, it was subject to double or more incisive discrimination.

Cuba was El bucanero homosexual discrimination exception in regard to El bucanero homosexual discrimination evil. Since the beginning of this process—which increasingly is less than revolutionary—it is customary to belittle and devalue those who are different. To be gay is to suffer humiliation, along with continuing detentions and restrictions on travel to avoid to meeting with like-minded people and related groups.

Everything was questioned and questionable, except for El bucanero homosexual discrimination bearded manhood who had fought for this model. Beyond that, El bucanero homosexual discrimination and militarism were the medals of those times which marginalized people of different sexual orientation. They saw them and looked down at them like flies in the soup, and so they were treated ….

Marches are held each year in the streets of the capital by bringing together several El bucanero homosexual discrimination homosexuals to demand that their rights be recognized. What about the rest of society? What about freedom of expression and association? And the multiparty system? It is incongruous that the daughter of Cuban President be allowed to demonstrate in our streets with a large group of people who advocate sexual freedom that we, as part of alternative civil El bucanero homosexual discrimination, may not do so, having had for decades other valid demands, legitimate and humane that are also covered by international legislation as a part of modernity.

There should be consistency in the rights issue, you should not recognize El bucanero homosexual discrimination and ignore others. Taking this work as a departure point, it strikes me that is just and necessary to hold a day against diversophobiaor fear of political diversity, from which the Cuban authorities and their supporters suffer.

In justice and legitimacy, it El bucanero homosexual discrimination necessary to paint the entire house, not just the facade. When Roman, a tall, skinny guantanamerowho has spent three years living clandestinely in Havana, feels a burning sexual desire, he plans his binge. After working 12 hours selling El bucanero homosexual discrimination textiles and pirated tennis shoes in a street fair on Galiano, which brings him daily earnings between 20 and 30 dollars, he goes to the small room he keeps rented for 40 dollars a month in the San Isidro shantytown.

He bathes and shaves. He puts on a bright pair of jeans and pours a strong, cheap cologne over his whole body. To accelerate his libido, El bucanero homosexual discrimination takes half a capsule of Viagra, sold on the black market for a dollar each. After a bit, the whores start to congregate. There are two ways to deal with the hookers in local currency.

Sex-hungry men like Roman already know the pimps El bucanero homosexual discrimination many prostitutes. There is something for everyone.

I ask the bartender for...

Always with a condom in place. If you want something different, you have the option of hookers a la carte. Black, white or mulatta. Equally, you can have two on your arm, to make a picture of lesbian love.

If you pay extra, you can take them home. El bucanero homosexual discrimination any time of day in that kilometer of Havana geography that includes Chinatown El bucanero homosexual discrimination Zanja Street up to Central Park, a legion of kids have a trained eye to spot the guys who are looking for hookers. Osvaldo, a young mulatto who spends several hours El bucanero homosexual discrimination the gym every day, is one of those who lives off his women.

He has six working for him. A good cock and the power of seduction.

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