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More importantly, he Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship ask "do I exist? Notwithstanding, his debate also Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship to the demands placed on Cuban artists and writers to utilize their craft to promote the development of a revolutionary social consciousness by adapting the "language" of the revolution. As Fidel Castro stated, those who supported the revolution had every right within the system, those that did not had no rights at all.

To understand the struggles that Reinaldo Arenas attempted to overcome through his writing, having rejected the regime's demands for conformity and "existing" as a homosexual writer, the iconic symbol of the post-colonial movements, Caliban, can best symbolize Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship writer's own agenda, particularly emphasizing the development of a counter-discourse that sought to de-construct the "official story" that marginalized and oppressed all non-conformists whom a "colonizer" deemed inferior, thus creating a "colonized subject.

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It has been argued that the idea that a universalistic approach to literature or history as the best way to explain the human condition is misleading. Such an idealistic and fixed approach is erroneous because it overshadows the differences that exist among groups and individuals: It is a Euro-centric explanation, a colonizer's view of the "universe.

It urges the marginalized to reclaim his "past"; a past, though, that may not exist. However, critics such as Ella Shohat stipulate that a term such as "post-colonialism" implies a lack of knowledge and understanding of the impact that the European colonial enterprise had on the transformation of the colonized cultures. Thus, Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship, despite Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship, continues to pervade in former colonies Her argument parallels Ania Loomba's regarding what post-colonialism should be and is applied to the study at hand.

Loomba states that post-colonialism should be analyzed and interpreted as a form of contesting the Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship process and the imprint it has left behind In terms of the counter-discursive approach by decolonized societies, Bill Ashcroft adds that.

Post-colonial discourse is the discourse of the colonized, which begins with the colonization and doesn't stop when the colonizers go home. The post-colonial is not a chronological period but a range of material conditions, and a rhizomic pattern of discursive struggles, ways of contending with various specific forms of colonial oppression.

Prior "understanding" of the colonized Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship stems from the perception that "colonialism" is discursive since it appropriates and becomes the agency through which the colonized subject is interpreted and represented Loomba The colonizer, or the West, has objectified the native, establishing itself as the focus of history.

Colonial discourse has the power and opportunity to label and control, and these characteristics have the ability to destroy and make disappear anything that opposes it. While these two worlds remain distant, the colonizer's culture will remain "unchanged" because the "other," the colonized, comes into existence through the colonizer's interpretation of history and civilization This idea regarding colonial discourse has been held as "truth" up until the post-colonial moment when barriers begin to disappear and margins begin to blur into Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship another.

What has been categorized as all encompassing dissipates into voices that begin to blend into one another; it cries for a "truth" that has not existed after centuries of conquest and colonization.

Counter-discourse allows for an attempt to re-write a "lost" past, for an understanding of "history" from various perspectives.

What has been Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship as the periphery, the margin, challenges the established center, the metropolis, appropriating the "Other" into the "other.

This process, in which we become visible, also neutralizes the untranslatability of the native's experience and the history of that untranslatability. Hence, the colonized subject, Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship is gazed upon by those who accept colonial history become visible and gazed upon by the colonized themselves. Reinaldo Arenas' counter-discourse, his anti-revolutionary Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship against the established order is also his own "revolutionary" agenda.

His goal is to re-establish his voice so that through him others can find "agency" and can have their lives re-told to denounce the oppression and marginalizing they have endured.

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One of the strategies that Arenas will establish in his counter-discursiveness is to set Cuba as "the primary referent in theory and praxis" Mohanty Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship His exilic experience Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship foster and enhance this active resistance by developing a counter-discourse that would de-construct and re-construct the "true" aims, as Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship understood them, of the Cuban revolutionary struggle.

Luis de la Paz explains Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship Arenas' time away from the island allowed him the freedom to expand his counter-discourse without the constant fear that the revolutionary police would search for him and confiscate his manuscripts.

This feeling of freedom and control also assisted in the search to find himself in order to recapture his voice and identity. As Arenas himself stated in a gathering of intellectual dissidents at Columbia University.

Por primera vez soy un hombre libre, por lo tanto, por primera vez existo. Mi vida hasta ahora ha transcurrido entre dos dictaduras: The characters that Reinaldo Arenas utilizes to reconstruct the marginalized, the "colonized" subject, Caliban, can be studied through a post-colonial venue. The "post-colonial" deconstructs what has been labeled as "universal" to allow for the introduction of regional interpretations and representations.

Dennis Walder will attest to this ideology by stating that "Rewriting history involves a more comprehensive, a more objective perspective. This is achieved by presenting not simply the alternative stereotype, of precolonial society as somehow not prey to the usual ills that flesh is heir to" It is a Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship to counter-attack Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship the established norms by the colonizers.

Although Gayatri Spivak has stated that the subaltern cannot speak, a post-colonial approach allows the former colonized subject, the marginalized homosexual, to find the means, the agency by which to be heard.

In the case of Reinaldo Arenas, he will create characters associated with both the revolution and his personal life as a form of mimicry in order to criticize and ridicule the absurdity of the revolution, its attitude toward homosexuals, its hypocrisy and repression.

Much like Caliban, Arenas places a "curse" on Castro Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship the revolution for having forced on him its language. Through the use, specifically of narratives, Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship are being retold. The outside world, the "First World," the West, is now being confronted with that which it has created: The peripheries begin to move toward the center, a series of voices murmuring in the background, resonating Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship an echo, wanting to be heard, wanting to be freed.

This is part of the post-colonial process. This attack, this counter-discourse, is possible because of the links that bind the colonizer to the colonized. There is now doubt in the totalitarian power of the dominant Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship. Post-colonial theory, then, serves as the basis for the re-appropriation of history, of life and self-ruling. It allows the voiceless to speak, the ignored to shine. It questions the distinction, the dichotomy between the center and the periphery by allowing one to come into the other.

The marginalized homosexual subject in Cuba, as depicted by Reinaldo Arenas, lived a distinct life from others. The lives they led stemmed from their lack of support for the ideals of the Revolution, and thus for their refusal to succumb to the established norms. This article seeks to answer the following question: What is the ideological commonality that connects Caliban and Reinaldo Arenas, the homosexual writer?

Caliban, the savage and deformed slave in William Shakespeare's The Tempestis a post-colonial iconic symbol, representative of the oppressed, the persecuted and the de-territorialized individual. Caliban, then, is transitory, with Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship connection to time or space, seeking to establish a sense of Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship that is long gone.

Since the s, Caliban has been re-appropriated as the emblem for the worldwide decolonization processes that sees in him the spirit of freedom and justice against the tyrannies of colonial empires.

As a result, his image has also become synonymous with the quest of the decolonized subjects who attempt to re-establish a connection with Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship past altered by the process of colonization. The concept of Caliban as representative of the New World native is appealing, as presented by Shakespeare, because it signaled the breakdown of cultural and territorial boundaries. Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship explanation points to the various interpretations of the play as performed during and after Shakespeare's time.

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The audience, if astute enough, could decipher that the play was an interpretation of European colonialism in the New World Takaki Thus, The Tempest could be considered an interesting and fascinating story about the colonization and development of an empire in the Americas George Lamming describes the importance of Caliban in relation to the future descendants in the Caribbean islands and their conditions as exiles Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship their original culture and homeland, stating that Caliban, although a man, represents something beyond that, something other than man.

According to Lamming, Caliban has been "converted," transformed from his "original" self because of Prospero's intervention. Prospero, as any colonialists, manipulated the native inhabitants, "civilizing" them, "saving" them from themselves. Lamming postulates that "Caliban is his convert, colonised by language, and excluded by language. It is precisely this gift of language, this attempt at transformation, which has brought about the pleasure and paradox of Caliban's exile" The study of Shakespeare's last play as an anecdotal account of 17 th century first-contact protocol served as the basis for understanding human relations, and as a consequence, the establishment of power hierarchies Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship endured for centuries.

Nevertheless, the boundaries that were established through binaries were Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship down through the process of decolonization and the re-appropriation of an identity ripped from the native at the moment of conquest and colonization.

As stated by Walder, it was this process of "conquest, colonization, Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship destruction" of the native in the New World which created binary patterns of identification that separated not only the colonized from his roots, but distanced any understanding Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship the colonizer and the colonized subject In identifying India as the precursor to the process of decolonization Walder states that this initiation signaled the deconstruction of colonial control and the attempt at reconstructing a future without a native past This "liberation" signaled the beginning of a re-historicizing of the self and an attempt at recreating the past, aiming its process of re-appropriation and re-construction toward the present and establishing hope for the future.

Consequently, there is an understanding of the consequences to any colonialist process: The colonizer sees the colonized as he would view the land, and anything else native to the colony but foreign to the colonizer; it is the wilderness, nature, uncivilized, dirty, unproductive, it is a beast. This beast, this wilderness, must be civilized, tamed, cleaned up, made productive, and put to work for his own good and for the good of the greater society.

Here is where the conflict between the colonized and the Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship arises: He also internalizes these values that make the transition into postcoloniality difficult. The colonizer never accepts the colonized regardless of how well he "adapts" to the colonizer's ways, and therefore is forced to replace his own Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship. Not being able to become what the colonizer wishes the Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship to be, Caliban defends the old ways, Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship "inferior" ways, as legitimate and equal to Prospero's.

Had Caliban been accepted by Prospero, would "he" have given himself totally to the colonizer's ways culture? It is Prospero's own inability to believe in Caliban's capabilities that makes the native aware of the fact that the Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship will never give him anything, let alone his freedom.

Thus, the colonized is a figure that feels rejected, hated, exploited and not allowed to fully participate in society at large. The colonized is kept on a short leash, and will face greater retribution from society. He must re-appropriate the colonizer's gaze in order to relearn what and who he was before colonization.

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The colonized must rediscover Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship and shape his identity through this discovery possibly reaching a moment where he is on the verge of post-colonialism. Nevertheless, what happens when the colonizer is no longer there, when the process of decolonization has taken place and the native is left to fend for himself?

In the case of Cuba, although the colonizer is gone, there is a continuous presence of the "neocolonial power" that is alluded to i. More importantly, how can this process of "defining" oneself connect Reinaldo Arenas to Caliban? For example, Ariel is not Prospero's willing servant as presented in The Tempestbut is instead a mulatto slave who reluctantly serves his master.

I know you don't think much of me, but after all we are brothers, brothers in suffering and slavery, but brothers in hope as well. We both want our freedom. We just have different methods. But you didn't come to see me just to make that profession of faith. The old man sent you, didn't he? No, I've come on my own. I Mi abuelo es homosexual relationship to warn you. Prospero is planning horrible acts against you.

I thought it my duty to alert you

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Would you be upset here? The marginalized homosexual subject in Cuba, as depicted by Reinaldo George Lamming () describes the importance of Caliban in relation to .. Mi mensaje no es un mensaje de derrota, sino de lucha y esperanza. . Escribiendo sin cesar, hasta en los respaldos de las libretas donde el abuelo anota las fechas en. El sexo es plausible independientemente la generación, lo mal está en aquellos modelos que esconden la cara.¿Para qué? 3 years ago. Reply. frenchyparis..

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At the negative pole are counterrevolutionaries, capitalism, imperialism and its local supporters, and the United States. U of Wisconsin P, In the beginning, the gentleman was all sweet talk:

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