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Famous forbidden love stories


Famous forbidden love stories makes one's heart flutter quite like a good love story. And by good, we mean tragic, of course. Though Shakespeare's plays are littered with doomed lovers — unrequited passion and death makes for good reading, apparently — couples equally as star-crossed can be found in the world's history books. These six heartbreaking historical tales from the ancient to more recent past are as sad as anything that has ever Famous forbidden love stories conjured up in Famous forbidden Famous forbidden love stories stories. Read on for a trip Famous forbidden love stories doomed romance history.

It's a love story so epic that Shakespeare saw it fit to be the subject of one of his tragedies. They met in 41 B. The alliance would prove sour when future emperor Octavian convinced the Roman senate that Marc Antony was power-hungry and bewitched by Cleopatra, declaring war on his former partner in 31 B.

2. John and Abigail Adams

Both Antony Famous forbidden love stories Cleopatra committed suicide during the war rather than be captured. Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale Heloise and Abelard British poet Alexander Pope turned their story into a piece of classic literature, but Heloise and Abelard were in fact Famous forbidden love stories, ridiculously in loveand doomed to a tragic end in mid 12th century France.

Ah, forbidden love. Love in...

Abelard was the girl's live-in tutor, 20 years her senior, and the romance Famous forbidden love stories enraged her disapproving uncle that he had Abelard castrated shortly after they were discovered.

Distraught, the lovers entered the monastery and wrote a set of now-famous letters to each other until their death, though they never met again. The famous palace in India is actually the ultimate declaration of love, Famous forbidden love stories in the 17th century by Shah Jahan as a stunning final resting place for his beloved wife.

Mumtaz Mahal — or "Jewel of the Palace," as he named her — was the ruler's third wife, but he clearly favored her and was so grief-stricken when she died during childbirth that he immediately began work on the Taj Mahal. It took 23 years to complete the homage, where he joined her at his own death in Famous forbidden love stories de Castro became a lady-in-waiting for Famous forbidden love stories Constance of Portugal in and quickly stole the heart of her prince Pedro, the heir to the Portuguese throne.

When Constance died inPedro tried to make Ines his lawful Famous forbidden love stories — they already had three children together Famous forbidden love stories but his father the king intervened, banishing Ines and ultimately having her murdered when geographical distance couldn't keep Pedro away.

Individually, these people are memorable....

The act sparked a civil war between father and son and, when the latter claimed victory, Pedro exhumed his lover, built her a royal tomb, and had all of Portugal swear allegiance to Ines as their queen.

One of the most controversial first ladies, Rachel Donelson was married to Lewis Robards Famous forbidden love stories Kentucky before she wed Andrew Jackson in She had Famous forbidden love stories that her ex-husband had finalized their divorce, but in fact, he did not legally file the papers until Because even a simple, clear-cut divorce was scandalous and highly frowned upon at the time, Jackson's opponents used Rachel's past against him during his run for presidency, calling her a woman of loose morals.

Famous forbidden love stories stress of the mudslinging aggravated a pre-existing heart condition, and Rachel never got to see Jackson become president, passing away following a heart attack two months before he took office.

Whether they are fact or...

Jackson was so shocked and grief-stricken that he reportedly clung to Rachel Famous forbidden love stories Famous forbidden love stories she had died, hoping that she would revive. And They're Visible from Space. British poet Alexander Pope turned their story into a piece of classic literature, but Heloise and Abelard were in fact real, ridiculously in loveand doomed to a tragic Famous forbidden love stories in mid 12th century France.

Famous forbidden love stories heard of the Taj Mahal? One of our more modern tragic love stories is just over a hundred years old and from an unlikely source — the British royal family.

The love that Queen Victoria felt for her husband Prince Albert was as genuine as her year reign was long, say historians, and his untimely death in40 years before hers, devastated the otherwise powerful monarch. Victoria favored the color black for the rest of her life Famous forbidden love stories spent much of the last decades of her reign in relative seclusion.

From Cleopatra and Mark Antony...

When she finally passed away inshe was interred in their common mausoleum and had these words inscribed over the door: Next Previous 1 of 7.

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