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Make her want to fuck you


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Seddit Simple Questions Thread. We all know how frustrating it can be when you have finally climbed the mountain to sex with a woman, but she gives you Last Minute Resistance that can often times result in NO SEX. I used to absolutely hate when I put in so Make her want to fuck you work just to 'almost make it'.

Over the years of this happening I developed 3 Simple Guidelines to help me decrease the chances of Last Minute Resistance or even Complete Resistance. So without further ado, I'd like to present 3 Methods that Make her want to fuck you can try out for your self and let me know if it worked. Here's a video of my infield demonstrating this: This can stifle your mid-to-end game since she may not be invested enough to go all the way with you.

If you really think about it, how do women meet men in Social Circles? They usually get to know him in a friendly way first, and then it transitions into romance. The question is why does this work? By her not being too sure, her guards a much lower while, simultaneously, she is confused about how the guy feels about her. For instance, she may wonder, "Does he like me Make her want to fuck you for sex or does he like me for more or is he just a friendly flirty guy with no intentions?

Women love to figure things out. Just the act of her truing to figure you out is often enough investment for her to be attracted to you. Look at all the novels, its all about mystery and I don't mean they guy with the fuzzy Make her want to fuck you Let's take a quick look at some examples of Ambiguity of Interest. On the Conversation opener, approach her with a friendly vibe Don't give her the validation of you professing your undying love for her.

You don't have any idea...

Instead, mix things up always. Compliment her, then say something you don't like or agree with You will notice that she will always be more invested since she is not sure and will always give you the benefit of doubt. Progressive physical escalation is key. Therefore, by the simple act of progressively increasing your physical intimacy, she will become sexually attracted from the inbred 'Man-To-Woman' attraction triggers within her hind-brain.

To further emphasize the power of touch, think about it this way A woman can get sexually turned on from any man if they are touching her in the right places. For men this is not quite true, men get sexually aroused by 'visual aesthetics'. Women Make her want to fuck you turned on by touch.

For instance, if an ugly man is laying in the bed with a hot woman, if she allows him to play with her clitoris she will get turned on and want his dick. The more she wants it, the harder it is for her to fight it. This Make her want to fuck you why it is important to keep on touching.

I'v had girls tell me that I am too touchy But guess what, that was the same reason why I Make her want to fuck you eventually get to sleep with them. Touching is an art form that you will have to practice over time.

My recommendation is just to work yourself into getting more comfortable touching people in general. Let me make it plain and simple. Make her want to fuck Make her want to fuck you will often tell her a story or rant about how I hate how people judge women for their SEX life etc. I will also try Make her want to fuck you show it in my demeanor by seeming casual and free spirited about life in general. You ultimately want to convey that you are ok with whatever her past is.

If she does tell you a few things, make sure you seem Make her want to fuck you it's completely normal. I would often mention a side story about a girlfriend with a relatively 'worse' past than hers so she can feel better about it.

Once she feels like she won't be judged if she acts on the attraction that you've accumulated in the back of her mind One of my best nights - a previous-hookup-turned-friend was talking to this HB I was working on and I overhear " Tell her you are really bad at recognizing faces, so you have to squeeze her butt to make sure it's her.

There might be some women who say this to see if you're willing to take control, but in my opinion it's better to err on the side of caution in this case. Worst case people will see you as forcing yourself on her.

I do not mean to make her say fuck Make her want to fuck you, it all depends HOW you are touching her. I just updated this post with a video link to illustrate what I did when the girl told me I was too touchy Essentially, as long as she is still putting up with it, I continue. One of my close friends doesn't understand what personal space is.

He does nothing but touch. Yet he still manages to get the girls. If you need to touch because that'd just who you are, find somewhere she doesn't mind you touching or give her a reason to forget you're touching eg. Engage her in an interesting conversation. On the other hand, I Make her want to fuck you it aids in the point you're making: A lot of women you approach don't appear receptive or show interest.

You're not ripped or conventionally attractive. You're black, so you lack the attractiveness that comes with white privilege. You were sweaty and seemed a bit uncomfortable.

YEA, I remember that article. Thank goodness for Stranger Approach. I actually love his LMR response: If it happens, it happens. His pickups are mostly awkward and uneven. He makes girls uncomfortable by pushing too far. I'd like to know haw many times he's been slapped or been told bluntly to fuck off. His game isn't something I would model mine on but credit where it's due his biggest strength seems to be delusional confidence, not giving a fuck and persistence. Important traits for sure but there are many better seducers out there.

You ultimately want to convey...

On a final note, I can't respect the way you pull girls with Make her want to fuck you and then show footage of it online. Pulling taken girls is morally questionable Make her want to fuck you I don't care too much about that, each to their own, but fucking them over by releasing the footage without blurring faces isn't cool.

You make me want to...

You Make her want to fuck you do more to protect their identities, this will come back to you to. What you're writing doesn't make sense, he pulls girls that has boyfriends your words. He shows result of lays and not just numbers that often means nothing. Could you please direct me to these seducers that have better results and also show proof and not just a number he got from some girl. One important question you Make her want to fuck you ask yourself People are getting too hung up on HOW it looks from the outside If the girls themselves feel so awkward, why would they show up on dates, and go home with him?

Not out of politeness for sure since they can easily flake. Point is, results are all that matter when judging someone's game. I can assure you that my strengths are far from just simply "not Make her want to fuck you a fuck". Results are important sure but you have to clarify what that means to Make her want to fuck you. Getting laid is Make her want to fuck you result.

The quality of girl is important. How often you get the girl you want is important. Having potential to see her regularly after the lay is important. All we see is your successes, there's no way of knowing how much footage there is that didn't make it to youtube. If a guy has no game with no experience of getting laid then your results look impressive. To guys who have experience with taking girls home regularly it seems like your style is hit or miss.

It's unsettling and there are plenty of guys showing infield footage on youtube with a greater skillset. You aren't qualified to be a paid teacher i'd say. Interview with one Make her want to fuck you my girls here: In terms of me being qualified as an instructor So sure, you can say I am not perfect To say that I am not qualified to teach when I've shown more proof and consistency in public domain than all of the dating coaches thus far Only thing you can really say is simple subjective things like There's some people who will like the style Are you implying that we should believe the so called writers and gurus who talk a good game but do not show much just because you resonate with them.

That is not what objectivity is about

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