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Sporangiospores asexual definition


The University of Adelaide. Glossary of Mycological Terms Additional Reference: Glossary of Mycological Terms Term Definition Acropleurogenous Conidia developing at the tip and along the sides of the conidiophore. Adiaconidia A large, globose, Sporangiospores asexual definition conidium, usually produced by Emmonsia Chrysosporium parvum, in the lungs of humans and animals. Aerial mycelium Hyphal elements growing above the agar surface.

Anamorph An asexual state of a fungus.

Conidia are asexually produced spores...

Annellide A specialized conidiogenous cell producing conidia in basipetal succession by a series of short percurrent proliferations annellations. The tip of an annellide increases in length and becomes narrower as each subsequent conidium is formed.

The term is primarily applied to the funnel-shaped swelling of a sporangiophore, immediately below the columella, seen in some zygomycetes. Arthric A type of conidial ontogeny involving the conversion and subsequent disarticulation of Sporangiospores asexual definition determinant conidiogenous hypha.


Ascocarp A fruiting body containing asci and ascospores. Ascomycetes A group of fungi that Sporangiospores asexual definition sexually by the endogenous formation of ascospores in an ascus. Ascomycetous Referring to the Ascomycetes. Ascospore A haploid spore produced within an ascus following karyogamy and meiosis. Asci are characteristic of the Ascomycetes. Aseptate Lacking septa, often pertaining to the hyphae seen in zygomycetes also see coenocytic.

Basidiomycetes A group of fungi that reproduce sexually by the exogenous formation of basidiospores from a basidium. Basidiospore A haploid Sporangiospores asexual definition produced on a basidium Sporangiospores asexual definition karyogamy and meiosis.

Basidia are characteristic of the Basidiomycetes. Basipetal A chain of conidia, the oldest conidium is at the apex and the youngest is at the Sporangiospores asexual definition. Basocatenulate Sporangiospores asexual definition chain of conidia having the youngest cell at the base.

Bipolar budding Blastoconidia developing at the opposite poles of a parent cell. Biseriate Phialides arising from metulae as in the genus Aspergillus. Biverticillate Two or rarely Sporangiospores asexual definition levels of branching directly below the phialides as in the genus Penicillium. Blastic A form of conidial development where there is a recognizable enlargement or "blowing out" of a conidial initial before being delimited by a septum.

Blastocatenate A chain of conidia having the youngest cell at the tip. Bud A young conidium. Usually used to denote the young blastoconidia of yeasts.

Budding Asexual multiplication by the production of a small outgrowth or bud from a parent Sporangiospores asexual definition. Capsule A hyaline mucopolysaccharide sheath around the cell wall of certain yeasts e. Catenulate Conidia arranged in chains. Chlamydoconidia A thick-walled, thallic conidium formed within the vegetative hyphae.

Chlamydoconidia Sporangiospores asexual definition as organs of perennation rather than dissemination. Clamp connection A specialized hyphal bridge over a septum in the Basidiomycetes.

Coenocytic Infrequently septate, multi-nucleate hyphae as in the Zygomycetes. Collarette A small collar. Usually, a remnant of a cell wall present at the tip of a Sporangiospores asexual definition, or around a sporangiophore.

Columnar Sporangiospores asexual definition a column. Conidiogenous cell A cell that Sporangiospores Sporangiospores asexual definition definition conidia. Conidiophore A specialized hypha upon which conidia develop. Conidia function as organs of dissemination.

Cottony Having a loose and coarse texture.


Cylindrical Cylindric, Sporangiospores asexual definition parallel walls and circular cross-section. Dematiaceous A dark brown, greenish gray or black colour. Dermatophyte A fungus belonging to the genera Epidermophyton, Microsporum, or Trichophyton with the ability to utilize keratin to infect hair, nail and skin.

Sporangiospores asexual definition A small projection or peg on which conidia are produced. Sporangiospores asexual definition conidiophore The conidiophore does not alter in length after the formation of conidia. Deuteromycetes An artificial subdivision to accommodate Sporangiospores asexual definition fungi where only the asexual state is known.

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Dichotomous A type of hyphal branching into two equal forks. Dimorphic Having two different morphological forms. Dolipore septum A characteristic septum Sporangiospores asexual definition in the Basidiomycetes that flares out near the pore to form an elongate channel. Double septum Sporangiospores asexual definition two layered septum that may undergo centripetal separation schizolysis to release a conidium.

Downy Having a short and dense mycelial texture. Dysgonic A slow growing variant. Echinulate Covered with delicate spines. Ectothrix Natural hair invasion Sporangiospores asexual definition a dermatophyte characterized by arthroconidia on the outside of the hair shaft.

Effuse Spread Sporangiospores asexual definition, radiate. Elliptical Oval, with a symmetric curve. Endospore A spore produced within a spherule. Sporangiospores asexual definition Natural hair invasion by a dermatophyte characterized by the development of arthroconidia within the hair shaft only.

Exudate Droplets of fluid formed on the surface of a Sporangiospores asexual definition. Falcate Sporangiospores asexual definition like a sickle. Floccose Fluffy or cottony. Foot cell A basal cell of a conidiophore as seen in Aspergillus and Fusarium. Fusiform Sporangiospores asexual definition, tapering toward the Sporangiospores asexual definition. Geniculate Bent like a knee.

Germ tube The initial hypha that develops from a conidium or spore. Gloiospora Conidia aggregated in slimy heads at the tip of an annellide or phialide. Guttulate Containing one or more oil droplets.

Heterothallic A fungus that requires mating between two compatible strains for sexual reproduction to occur. Hilum A scar at the base of a conidium.

Holoblastic A mode of blastic conidium ontogeny in which all Sporangiospores asexual definition cell wall layers of the conidiogenous cell are involved in conidium development.

Holothallic A mode of thallic conidium ontogeny in which all Sporangiospores asexual definition cell wall layers of the conidiogenous cell are involved Sporangiospores asexual definition conidium development.

Homothallic A fungus Sporangiospores asexual definition of sexual reproduction on a single thallus. Hulle cells Thick-walled cells with characteristic thin-walled pores, usually associated with cleistothecia of Aspergillus. Hyalo- A prefix meaning hyaline to lightly coloured. Sporangiospores asexual definition A class of mycelial moulds which reproduce asexually by conidia on hyphae or aggregations of hyphae.

Intercalary Within a hyphal element. Lateral On the side. Lenticular Shaped like a double convex Sporangiospores asexual definition. Macronematous Having a conidiophore that is morphologically different from the vegetative hyphae. Metulae A sterile cell below the phialides of some Aspergillus and Penicillium species. Micronematous Having a conidiophore that is not morphologically different from the vegetative hyphae.

Mucoid Sticky or slimy Multiseptate Having several septa. Multipolar budding Blastoconidia developing at different sites on Sporangiospores asexual definition surface of a parent cell. Muriform A conidium with both longitudinal and transverse septa. Obclavate Club-shaped in reverse; the distal region is smaller.

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Obpyriform Pear-shaped in reverse; the distal region is larger. Sporangiospores asexual definition An opening or pore in an ascocarp or a pycnidium. Pectinate Like the teeth of a comb. Pedicel A slender stalk.

Pellicle A film-like or skin-like surface growth. Sporangiospores asexual definition Conidiogenous cell growth where a new axis grows through the previous apex. Peridium The outer wall Sporangiospores asexual definition an ascocarp.

Phaeo- A prefix meaning darkly pigmented. Phialide A specialized conidiogenous cell that produces conidia in basipetal succession without increasing in length.

Pleomorphic Having more than one form.

Gene Ontology Term: sporangiospore formation...

Pleurogenous Born on the sides of a conidiophore or hyphae. Pseudohyphae A string of elongated blastoconidia formed Sporangiospores asexual definition some yeasts that resemble a hypha-like filament.

The fungi reproduce by spores. Spores is a lilliputian reproductive of Propagative functioning as a seed of fungi. These are produced in three ways.

Asexual spores form without atomic fusion or act of breeding. These spores borne of sporophores. They are not usually resistance to unfavourable conditions. They are capable of rapid multiplication.

They may be story or many celled borne on specialized hyphae or produced in special structures called as spores fruits. These spores are formed internally within sac close to the division of protoplasm.


Truncate Cut off sharply. A group of fungi that reproduce sexually by the exogenous formation of basidiospores from a basidium. An enclosed ascocarp characterized an apical ostiole and by asci arranged in a basal tuft or hymenium layer. Budding Asexual multiplication by the production of a small outgrowth or bud from a parent cell. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

Sporulation fungi In fungus:


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Sporangiospores asexual definition 723 SEXY MASQUERADE BALL GOWNS ATLANTA Spore , a reproductive cell capable of developing into a new individual without fusion with another reproductive cell. Sporangiospores asexual definition 857 Sporangiospores asexual definition Sporangiospore definition of Sporangiospore by Medical dictionary https: Sporangiospores asexual definition All plants , fungi , and many other lineages form sporangia at some point in their life cycle.

Conidia are asexually produced spores that are borne externally to the cells that produce them. This definition may be confusing, but it is only necessary to compare conidia with sporangiospores to see the difference. Sporangiospores are produced inside specialized cells called sporangia and remain enclosed in the cells until maturity. Conidia may be produced inside a cell although not always but at maturity they will be exposed to the external environment.

There is some grey area here but for the most part our definition will hold up. Asexual reproduction by conidia is a major part of many fungal life histories. The conidia of these fungi not only germinate and produce a new generation, they also function in dispersal and so have physical characteristics suited to the most efficient performance of this role.

Fungi occur in a large variety of habitats and have an equally large variety of dispersal mechanisms, including conidial form. The pictures shown above may give you some idea of just how diverse these forms can be. Conidial fungi are ubiquitous in nature and in human environments. They are used industrially in many ways and are of major value to humankind, but they also cause losses to crops and manufactured materials.

They are also resposnsible for allergy, poor indoor air quality and may cause serious disease in humans and animals.

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Sporangiospores are spores that are produced in a sporangium plural: A sporangium in fungi but not mosses and some other organisms is simply a apartment containing spores. We war this term in our discussion of sexual propagation in the Chytridiomycota and Zygomycota and see that a sporangium can be the site of meiosis or mitosis. The high-ranking point is that a sporangium is a apartment that encloses its spores until they are fully fledged and ready for dispersal.

Asexual sporangia are commonly produced by the Chytridiomycota and Zygomycota. Although some similar structures, such as asci , are produced by members of the Dikarya they are not in the least called sporangia and rather than have their own specialized terms. The picture at right is the verbatim at the same time one used in our discussion of sexual propagation, except that it was photographed using bright-field sort of than phase-contrast optics.

It depicts a species of Rhizophidium , a fellow of the Chytridiomycota Starched, growing on the characters upper class surface of a fragment of pine pollen floating in a pond. That individual is typical of many chytrids in its simplicity; the sporangium is essentially the whole fungus. It started to develop on the pollen grist when a spore landed there and became connected by rhizoids, seen as faint threads extending into the pollen grain.

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It is these "naked" columellae, free of the sporangium and spores, that cause beginners so much confusion. Sporangiospore definition of Sporangiospore by Medical dictionary https: Form and function View More.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Conidia may be uni or multicellular, hyaline or coloured. Thick-walled cells with characteristic thin-walled pores, usually associated with cleistothecia of Aspergillus.

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No immediate chemistry on a first date=bad? Conidia are asexually produced spores that are borne externally to the cells that This definition may be confusing, but it is only necessary to compare conidia with Sporangiospores are produced inside specialized cells called sporangia. A sporangium (pl., sporangia) is an enclosure in which spores are formed. It can be composed In species of fungus, the sporangium plays a role in asexual reproduction, and indirectly in sexual reproduction. form a zygosporangium which stores zygospores that contain haploid nuclei which then fuse into diploid nuclei..

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