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The demographic characteristics of Cuba are known through census which have been conducted and analyzed by different bureaus since The most recent census was conducted in September The population of Cuba at the census was The population density is Men in cuba The population has always increased from one census to the next, with the exception of the census, when the Men in cuba decreased by 10, SinceCuba's birth rate has surpassed its death rate ; the natural growth rate of the country is positive.

Cuba is in the fourth stage of demographic transition. In terms of age structure, the population is dominated The median age of the population is According to the census, Cuba's population was 11, whereas the census numbered the population at 11, This drop was due to low fertility and emigration, as during this time fiscal years, Cubans received legal permanent residence in the United States.

Men in cuba Also List of cities in Cuba. Structure of the population During the 18th, 19th and early part of the 20th century, large waves of Spanish immigrants from Canary IslandsCataloniaAndalusiaGaliciaand Asturias emigrated to Cuba.

Between anda total ofpeople left Spain, and more thanSpanish Men in cuba left for Cuba between andMen in cuba many returning to Spain. There areSpanish citizens living in Cuba on January, 1, The Slave trade brought Men in cuba to Cuba during its early history: Between and, African slaves entered Cuba.

Between and, Chinese arrived. This figure is consistent with both the historical background of the region, and the current demographics of it. Haplogroup A2 is the main Native American haplogroup in Cuba Regarding Y-chromosome haplogroups male lineages Among the West Eurasian fraction, the vast majority of individuals belong to West European haplogroup R1b. Men in cuba " Berber " haplogroup E1b1b1b E-M81is found at a frequency of 6.

According to Fregel et al. Spanish is the official language of Cuba. Of all the regional variations of Spanish, Cuban Spanish Men in cuba most similar to, and originates largely from, the dialect spoken in the Canary Islands. This is a consequence of Canarian migration, which in the 19th and early 20th century was heavy and continuous.

There were also migrations of Galicians and Asturians Men in cuba well, but they did not impact Cuban Spanish to the same degree. Much of the typical Cuban replacements for standard Spanish vocabulary stems from Canarian lexicon. An example of Canarian usage for a Spanish word is the verb fajarse [16] "to fight". In standard Spanish the verb would be pelearsewhile fajar exists as a non-reflexive verb related to the hemming of a skirt.

The second most spoken language of Cuba is Haitian Creoleused mainly by Haitian immigrants and its descendants going back since the late 18th century, of whom fled the Haitian Revolution. Other languages Men in cuba Cuba are Men in cuba Sign Languageand English is commonly studied as a foreign language.

There are also reports of Lucumi" Lengua Conga " Kongo -based liturgical language of the Palo religion and Bozal Spanish an "African" socio-dialect of Spanish; now used only in folk religion. Cuba has a multitude of faiths Men in cuba the island's diverse cultural elements. Catholicism, which was brought to the island by Spanish colonialists at the beginning of the 16th century, is the most prevalent professed faith. After the revolution, Cuba became an officially atheistic state and restricted religious practice.

Since the Fourth Cuban Communist Party Congress Men in cuba have been eased and, according to the National Catholic Observer, direct challenges by state institutions to the right to religion have Men in cuba but disappeared, [18] though the church still faces restrictions of written and electronic communication, and can only accept donations from state-approved funding sources.

Afro-Cuban Men in cuba, a blend of native African religions and Roman Catholicism, are widely practiced in Cuba. This diversity derives from West and Central Africans who were transported to Cuba, and Men in cuba effect reinvented their African religions. They did so by combining them with elements of the Catholic belief system, with a result very similar to Brazil. One of these Afro-Cuban Men in cuba is Santeria.

Protestantismintroduced from the United States in the 18th century, has seen a steady increase in popularity. Pentecostalism has grown rapidly in recent years, and the Assemblies Men in cuba God alone claims a membership of overpeople. The Episcopal Church of Cuba claims 10, adherents.

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Demographics of Cuba Scatter plot of the population Men in cuba Cuba in thousands— Largest cities or towns in Cuba According to the Estimate. Spanish immigration to Cuba. National Men in cuba of Statistics of Cuba.

Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 2 November Archived from the original PDF on Census of Cuba ". Explicit use of et al.

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University of Chicago Press. American Haitian Jamaican Mexican Uruguayan. Chinese Filipino Men in cuba Korean Pakistanis. History of Havana Timeline Men in cuba cities Timelines: National Revolutionary Police Force. Architects Artists Athletes baseball players Painters abstract Writers women.

Demographics of North America. Retrieved from " https: Cuban society Demographics by country. Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Articles containing Spanish-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Wikipedia articles incorporating text Men in cuba the World Men in cuba. Views Read Edit View Men in cuba. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Victoria de Las Tunas. According to the Men in cuba, the Men in cuba were counted as white.

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