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Resistances of psychoanalysis and sexuality


United of the elementary tasks of neuropsychoanalysis is to winnow the neural correlates of sexual drives. Here, we deliberate the four defining characteristics of physical drives as delineated by Freud: Effective neuroimaging studies of sexual arousal SA have thrown a new light on the four crucial characteristics of propagative drives by identifying their potential neural correlates.

While these studies are essentially consistent with the Freudian model of drives, the primary difference emerging among the functional neuroimaging perspective on bodily drives and the Freudian theory relates to the originator of drives. From a functional neuroimaging perspective, sources of sexual drives, conceived by psychoanalysis as processes of excitation occurring in a peripheral organ, do not seem, at least in subjects, to be an essential involvement of the determinants of SA.

It is rather the central processing of visual or genital stimuli that gives to these stimuli their sexually arousing and sexually pleasurable character.

Finally, based on functional neuroimaging results, some realizable improvements to the psychoanalytic theory of sexual drives are suggested. According to Freud, the concept of sexual outing is a defining element of psychoanalysis. The theory of sexuality elaborated close to Freud was aggregate the reasons why psychoanalysis met so much resistance, not only from the patients, but including from the meticulous community.

Are the results of operating neuroimaging experiments in agreement with the Freudian model of progenitive drives? Are they consistent only in some respects? Can modern studies in reality help psychoanalysis to reformulate certain aspects of this model?

Those questions are among the points examined hereunder.

Leap to main content. Log In Sign Up. On Sexuality and the Unconscious," in E. Leuven University Press, Are we all trapped in a web of power and forces that leave us helpless? Are we score to passively follow paths anonymously charted for us?

Can we not actively resist?

Resistance , in the context of the field of psychoanalysis , refers to oppositional behavior when an individual's unconscious defenses of the ego are threatened by an external source.

Sigmund Freud , the founder of psychoanalytic theory, developed his concept of resistance as he worked with patients who suddenly developed uncooperative behaviors during sessions of talk therapy. He reasoned that an individual that is suffering from a psychological affliction, which Sigmund Freud believed to be derived from the presence of suppressed illicit or unwanted thoughts, may inadvertently attempt to impede any attempt to confront a subconsciously perceived threat.

This would be for the purpose of inhibiting the revelation of any repressed information from within the unconscious mind. Having developed the theory of resistance through his direct experiences with patients undergoing therapy, Sigmund Freud noticed that patients would avoid subjects and topics that struck too closely to uncomfortable memories or unacceptable emotions and desires.

Freud then integrated these findings with his previous theories concerning the functions of the id, ego and super-ego. As a result, he eventually advanced his concept of resistance by developing it into a multitude of individual forms that included repression, transference, ego-resistance, "working-through", and self-sabotage. The common theory behind many of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic techniques, alluding to the fundamentals of psychoanalysis as a science, was that it is possible that memories that have been lost from consciousness provide hints of their existence by the means of prompting certain thoughts and behaviors.

Afterwards, the act of bringing such thoughts into consciousness prevents them from motivating behavior and thus allowing the individual to exert more personal control.

Throughout its history, resistance has caused significant division between psychologists. Nonetheless, the concept of resistance retains a firm place in the history of psychology and the development of modern psychoanalysis. Repression is the form of resistance where the ego pushes offensive memories, ideas, and impulses down into the unconscious.

Essentially, the patient is unconsciously hiding memories from the conscious mind.

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Resistances of psychoanalysis and sexuality

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  • Reading the Freudian theory of sexual drives from a functional neuroimaging perspective
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An outline of Freud’s theory of sexual excitement and sexual drives

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15. Freud on Sexuality and Civilization

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Am I over-thinking things? [6][6] “It seems probable”, writes Freud, “that the sexual. Interminable”, he underlines that the most powerful source of resistance in analysis remains, for men. Psychoanalysis and ts Resistances in Michel Foucault's The History of. Sexuality: Lessons for Anthropology. P. STEVEN SANGREN. ABSTRACT This article..

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