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Leo and leo friendship


It is important for people who were born between July 23 and August 23 to share and Leo and leo friendship warmth to others. This trait was brought about by the influence of their planetary ruler, the Sun, giver of life Leo and leo friendship our solar system.

These people hardly go unnoticed because they possess the regal bearing of its planetary symbol, the Lion and the brightness of the Sun. Leos Leo and leo friendship known for their warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity and generosity. Leos are known to be warm, big hearted, brave, confident and very charismatic. Lions love Leo Leo and leo friendship leo friendship be admired not only for their looks but also for their accomplishments. Owning the center stage is natural for them, truth is, they always want to make their presence felt strongly.

Leos believe that they were born to lead. Leos are very loyal. They are known to love their family and friends unconditionally. These individuals never falter when given the opportunity to lead and protect their family. Those born under this sign possess a forceful and positive outlook in life. They prefer to surround themselves with equally optimistic people.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Leo in love is an extremely affectionate, loyal and doting partner. Being a Fire sign, these individuals fall in love Leo and leo friendship and allow their emotions to get the Leo and leo friendship Leo and leo friendship them when bitten by the love bug.

These hopeless romantics take Leo and leo friendship seriously. Of course women under this sign expect nothing less from their suitors. These regal people expect utter loyalty and will not stand any form of infidelity from their partners.

Although Leos possess irresistible charm, they are trustworthy when committed and expect the same from the people they give their hearts to.

What happens when two Leos fall for each other? Read on to find out if these two match Leo and leo friendship. Irresistible Leo woman gets Leo and leo friendship to a man who showers her with compliments and falls in love with someone who gives her love and respect.

She likes to Leo and leo friendship in control but when in love, this lady will pass the baton to her man when it comes to decision making. The Lioness is very kind and generous, always thinking of ways to show her appreciation for the love of her life.

Leo And Leo Compatibility

All she wants in return is sincere devotion from her man. This lady may have a lot of admirers but she only Leo and leo friendship eyes for the one she loves and expects the same level of faithfulness from her partner. Leo and leo friendship Leo woman will never tolerate infidelity. Betrayal of trust will certainly earn her ire.


Leo man possess a commanding presence so much so that when he enters a room, all eyes will turn to his direction. He just lights up a place in the same manner the Sun brightens up our solar system.

Leo and Leo Emotional Compatibility

As I have mentioned in my previous post, the Lion is so energetic, warm-hearted and sociable that it is impossible not to be endeared to his personality. This man gets attracted to beautiful and popular women and Leo and leo friendship in love someone who Leo and leo friendship him with affection. The ego of a Lion can easily get hurt so it is important for his partner to earn his trust because he has a tendency to be possessive.

Any act that will provoke jealousy will certainly create a dent in their relationship. Leo and leo friendship man desires to be married to a woman who can take care of the family and might even ask her to quit her job in order to raise their children. This pairing is truly a sight to behold. Eyes will be on them when they are out together however, the relationship may not turn out as brilliant as it seems.

Oftentimes, two people Leo and leo friendship the same zodiac sign make a compatible match but with Leos things can go either way. A clash of egos can take place if two immature Leos are involved because of their common desire to dominate.

Both demand so much attention and adoration that these two might find it impossible to find contentment. Off course that can lead to exhaustion when two people are always expecting more than what the other is willing to give. They should learn to minimize power struggles and be less demanding of each other to make it work. Patience must be coupled with understanding. Both must keep in mind that they are in a relationship and not in a competition.

This affair no matter how romantic will always include some form of power struggle even in the most intimate aspect of their relationship. One of them must be mature enough to let go of the urge to lead in order to have harmony. If these two manage to stay together long enough to overcome hurdles, they will learn that unconditional love is more beautiful than winning. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By agreeing you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

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